November Promotions



Here’s a round-up of our November promotions running from the 1st of November to 28th November. 

  • Men’s Seersucker Shirts – 20% off 
  • Men’s Jersey T-Shirts – Buy two for 20% off 
  • Men’s Polo Shirts – 20% off 
  • Ladies Uneven Yarn T-Shirts – Buy two for 20% off 
  • Ladies Organic Cotton High Twist Knitwear – 20% off 
  • Kid’s Pants & Shorts – 20% off  
  • All Stoles & Capes – 20% off 
  • Paraglider Cloth Foldable Bags – 20% off
  • Mix & Match: Cool Touch Innerwear – Buy two for 20% off
  • Hard Carry Case – New lower price from November
  • Jersey Bedlinen – 10% off
  • Cotton Blankets – 10% off
  • Beads Sofa & Cover – 10% off
  • Reclining Chair, Cover & Ottoman- 10% off
  • White Porcelain – Buy two for 20% off
  • 2019 Calendars & Diaries – 10% off
  • Neck Cushion – 10% off
  • Gusset Cases – Buy two for 20% off
  • Fragrance Sets – 10% off
  • Travel PET Bottles – 10% off
  • Acrylic 2 Drawer Case – 10% off
  • ‘Peppermint’ Essential Oil 10ml & 30ml – 10% off  



MUJI Australia – October Stocktake Notice




Due to stocktake, MUJI Australia will have some altered opening hours in the coming weeks. 

Please see further details below.


 Closure Information

 MUJI The Galeries  Tuesday 23rd October – Open at 12pm
 MUJI Westfield Chatswood   Wednesday 24th October – Open at 12pm 
 MUJI Canberra Centre  Thursday 25th October – Open at 12pm
 MUJI Emporium  Wednesday 31st October – Open at 12pm
 MUJI Chadstone  Wednesday 31st October – Until 12pm

Also due to company wide stocktake all home deliveries in the month of October may experience a delay of up to 2 weeks.   

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation. 

Father’s Day 2018


MUJIArtboard 1 copy

With Father’s Day fast approaching, this is our chance to show our thanks and appreciation to our Fathers. If you’re still not sure what to get your Dad, MUJI is here to help you with some simple yet special gift ideas. We’ve got some special promotions on items we know your Dad would love!
See in store for more suggestions, and let your Father know just how important he is.

MUJINewsletter promo 4 copy MUJINewsletter promo 4 copy 5
MUJINewsletter promo 4 copy 4 MUJINewsletter promo 4 copy 3
MUJINewsletter promo 4 copy 7 MUJINewsletter promo 4 copy 6

MUJI is on Sale!



It’s that time of the year again and we have some great things on offer in store. With sale items currently up to 50% off you are sure to find some amazing savings on selected fashion, accessories and household items. Stock is limited so make sure you visit before it is too late! Offers apply across all stores. 

adminNewsletter promo 4 copy 6 adminNewsletter promo 4 copy 5
adminNewsletter promo 4 copy 4 adminNewsletter promo 4 copy 3
adminNewsletter promo 4 adminNewsletter promo 4 copy


July Kid’s Workshop


4. Sample Bags copy


Upcoming Kid’s Workshop

In the spirit of reducing waste, our next Kid’s Workshop will be decorating fabric My Bags to encourage kid’s to take a reusable bag with them when they go shopping with their parents. With the help of our friendly staff, children will be able to use fabric crayons to create custom My Bags that they can call their very own.

Workshops will be held on the following days:
– Emporium & Chadstone – Saturday 7th July, 11am & 1pm
– The Galeries & Westfield Chatswood – Saturday 14th July, 11am & 1pm

The workshops will be held in all of our stores for children aged 2yo – 12yo and spots are limited. If you would like to attend with your child please contact the store directly on the contact numbers listed in the link below to book a session that suits. Once these spots are full we will not be able to allow further entry to the workshop.

Contact Information


Found MUJI – British Industries

Posted: 21 May, 2018



British Industries


About 30 minutes from the centre of London, heading into the suburbs, the train begins to roll past livestock grazing on green hills under an open sky. This is Britain, where lush pastoral scenes unfold just outside of urban cityscapes. With the Industrial Revolution, a variety of industries began to emerge in the mid-18th century. They developed in different ways to the east and west of the Pennines, a range of mountains and hills running north to south amid the island’s distinctive topography.

The textile industry, for example, focuses on wool on the east side of the Pennines, where sheep are kept as livestock. To the west of the mountains, the westerlies bring a moderate degree of humidity to the land, which is favourable for the cotton industry that developed here.

Though at its peak a thriving, expansive industry, the British textile trade went through a process of natural selection that culled many of the mills. Those that remain today still produce fabrics shaped by the characteristics of the local area.

_A0A0205 _A0A0222
 _A0A0761  _A0A0459

Available in MUJI Emporium & MUJI The Galeries, May 2018

MUJI The Galeries – Renovation

Posted: 11 May, 2018


MUJI The Galeries opened its doors in 2015 and has been so well received by our Sydney MUJI fans that we’ve decided that it’s time for a renovation. 

The store will be closed from 21st – 23rd of May, reopening on the 24th looking better than ever. We will unveil some exciting new store features such as Found MUJI and the first MUJI Embroidery service in Australia.

GALArtboard 1 copy GALArtboard 1

Reopening day will also see some exclusive offers for our valued Galeries customers. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused during the closure but we can’t wait for you to see out new and improved MUJI The Galeries.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for any important updates. 

Mother’s Day

Posted: 7 May, 2018



Mother’s Day at MUJI

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, this is our chance to show our thanks and appreciation to our Mums.  If you’re still not sure what to get your Mum, MUJI is here to help with some simple yet special gift ideas.

See in store for more suggestions, and let your Mother know just how important she is.
Please note the items listed with promotional discount below are limited promotions, and run from 4th May – 30th May.

newsArtboard 4

This easy-to-slip-on cape with a specially curved design can also be wrapped around your neck as a stole. Made from warm wool from yaks living in harsh environments 3,000 metres above sea level, this stole will certainly keep Mum warm this winter.

This month the Large Yak Wool Cape Stole is 20% OFF.

  newsArtboard 3

Bring relaxation to your Mum’s busy life with an Aroma Diffuser and Essential Oil combination. Our diffusers use an Ultrasonic motor to generate mist silently and with no heat so the fragrance is not altered. With a build in timer and LED light, it is the perfect gift for Mother’s day to be used at work, in living spaces and the bedroom.

This month, when you purchase an Aroma Diffuser with any Essential Oil you will receive 10% OFF.

newsArtboard 2

Pyjamas are always bound to please and we’ve got them in a range of different materials and styles. You’ll be sure to find something that Mum loves! From warm flannel to soft double cotton gauze, we’ve got you covered in the pyjama department.

From the 4th to 16th of May all Ladies Pyjamas are 10% OFF.  

  newsArtboard 1

Hand carved from beautifully grained Acacia wood by master Filipino craftsmen. We have enhanced the shapes, thickness and size of these pieces to complement our beige porcelain, glass bowls and other tableware. If your Mum loves cooking, then these are the ideal gift.

For the month of May if when you buy two or more pieces of Acacia Tableware you receive 20% OFF.


Yak Wool

Posted: 2 May, 2018

New In: Yak Wool


A new item in our Autumn/Winter 2018 range is the Yak Wool range. Natural wool is blended with wool from Yaks living in harsh environments 3,800 metres above sea level, creating a soft and warm texture. It is generally believed that domesticated yaks have been kept for more than two thousand years. Yaks have been tame animals and close to human life. The wool is excellent in retaining heat. There are two layers of Yak wool. The outside layer is thicker and the inside layer is similar to cashmere, thin and soft.



Men’s Crew Neck Sweaters – $79.95 Ladies V-Neck Sweaters – $59.95
MUJI yak wool men's MUJI yak wool ladies
Large Yak Wool Cape Stole – $79.95 Yak Wool Dress – $74.95
MUJI Yak wool stole J_1333-763


Explore the full range on our online catalogue or visit your local store. 

Stocktake Notice – Store Closure

Posted: 27 Apr, 2018


Due to stocktake, MUJI Australia will have some altered opening hours in the coming weeks. 

Please see further details below.


 Closure Information

 MUJI The Galeries  Tuesday 1st May – All Day
 MUJI Westfield Chatswood  Thursday 3rd May – Until 6pm
 MUJI Emporium  Tuesday 8th May – All Day
 MUJI Chadstone  Thursday 10th May – Until 12pm

Also due to company wide stocktake all home deliveries in the month of May may experience a delay of up to 2 weeks.   

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.