Linen what summer wears

Clothes to block the sun.

A sweater treated to protect your skin from more ultraviolet rays than regular clothing.
In absorbent, quick drying linen to keep you comfortable all day long.

  • French Linen UV Cut V-Neck Sweater
  • French Linen Easy Wide Pants

Naturally cool.

Linen is one of the best natural materials for staying cool.
Linen with natural slubs for a shirt and skirt that keep you cool and comfortable.

  • French Linen Pre-Washed Shirt
  • French Linen Maxi Skirt

Look good, keep cool.

Linen - soft with the comfortable pleasure of natural wrinkles.
Breathable, quick drying and machine washable.

  • French Linen Pre-Washed Shirt
  • French Linen Jacket
  • French Linen Relaxed Fit Trousers

You’ll love the feel.

The classic shirt in the softness of French linen.
In a length and width that pairs well with other items.

  • French Linen Pre-Washed Short Sleeve Shirt

In the heat and the cold.

Keep comfortable in both the heat of the sun and the cold air-conditioner.
In a silhouette and colour for all styles— wear it, wrap it, throw it over your shoulders.

  • French Linen UV Cut Cape Stole with Openings for Arms (Light Beige)

The stole you wear, not wrap.

A stole with openings for arms that is worn like a cardigan for light and breezy comfort.

  • French Linen UV Cut Cape Stole with Openings for Arms (Light Gray)

Comfortable summer sleep.

On hot summer nights, you want bedding in absorbent, quick drying linen. Our sheets are made from top quality linen.

  • Linen Plain Weave Bedding