MUJI Stationery

Our daily life is surrounded with stationery. Accompanied with our growth and lifestyle, stationery like pen, notebook and desktop storage not only assists study and work, it is also an indispensable part in our life which conveys our ideas, personality and enhances interactive communication.

MUJI’s stationery design concept originates from details of daily life that accommodates different lifestyles and needs. We can use the stationery in our own way to make our life more comfortable and convenient.

Creative Fun

Enjoy parent-child time by preparing sketch book and colour pencils for children to use their creativity to record their daily life. Use colour pencils with a great variety of colours to draw on sketch book, and use folding paper to fold different shapes and patterns, to inspire children’s imagination.

Colour pencils made with uncoated wooden shaft bring a natural wooden texture. Waterbased pens with hexagonal design are easy to grasp without scrolling around. Children can draw freely on sketch book with their imagination; they can even add unique design to the recycled paperboard plain cover. Recycled folding papers available in 27 colours allow children to enjoy origami and cutting fun, enhance their finger flexibility and also function as a parent-child communication tool.

  • 36-Colour Pencils Mini
  • Hexagonal Mini Waterbased Twin
  • Recycled Folding Paper
  • Recycled Paper Sketch Book
  • Drawing Fun
    (Recycled Paper Craft Note Pad L, 12-Colour Pencils, Recycled Folding Paper, Erasable Gel Ink Pen x 2)
  • Stainless Steel Scissors with Cover
  • Glue Stick
  • Children's Organic Cotton Half Towel Handkerchief

Learning Fun

Prepare school bag, pen case and stationery for the new school term and set new study goals. Pack sets include different colour pens and notebook with pen case, which are portable to everywhere. Together with different practical desktop items, they enhance learning fun and efficiency.

Notebook has simple design for students to create their own cover for a personalized style notebook. Gel ink pen and highlighter in different colours can be used to highlight the important content. Index tags have strong adhesiveness and can be reused. The beveled edge would not easily bend and the rectangular surface is writable. Stapler can bind paper together with embossing instead of staples, which is convenient and safe to use. Besides, denim pen case is durable and has inner pockets to store all the small stationery like index tag and ringed note neatly.

  • Mesh Case Notebook B5 (Nylon Mesh Case, Planted Wood Paper Ruled Note – 5 pcs set, PC Gel Ink Pen with Clip, PP Highlighter)
  • Colourful World
    (PP Gel Ink Pen x 10, TPU Pen Case)
  • Pressed Highlighter
  • Index Tag
  • Craft Paper Ringed Note
  • Staple-free Stapler
  • Eraser - Small
  • Correction Tape
  • Acrylic Ruler
  • PP Pen Case Pack
    (PP Pen Case, PC Gel Ink Pen with Clip x 2, PP Mechanical Pencil with Clip, PP Highlighter, Eraser)
  • Denim Pen Case
  • Backpack with Side Zipper Pocket

Efficient Office Work

Stationery is an important tool in our everyday office work. MUJI’s practical and lightweight stationery design facilitates a variety of tasks and personal job management, improving work efficiency. Pack sets which include notebook, storage items and pens are also available to meet different office needs.

By using PP stand file box, file and card holders, together with acrylic or ABS storage box of standardized sizes, they help to organize different documents and items neatly. Use an acrylic frame on work desk to highlight important tasks or as decoration also helps to create a neat working environment and enhance efficiency. 2 hole punch has a side gauge which is convenient to align and fix paper in different sizes. There is a lid at the bottom to dispose paper chips without making a mess. The pen-typed scissors with clip is portable to carry along with books or notebook. The handle is specifically designed to cater different hand sizes.

  • PP Stand File Box
  • Acrylic Case 3 Drawers
  • ABS Storage
  • PP Card Holder
  • PP File 2 Holes
  • Acrylic Frame With Steel Legs
  • Planting Wood Memo
  • Portable Scissors
  • 2 Hole Punch
  • Vinyl Chloride Cover Schedule Note
  • Mesh Case Notebook A4
    (Nylon Mesh Document Case, Recycled Paper Ruled Note, PC Gel Ink Pen with Clip x 2, PP Highlighter)
  • File with Notes Pack
    (PC Mechanical Pencil, Polycarbonate Ball Point Pen, Planted Wood Paper Combination Note x 2, PP File 2 Hole)

Professional efficiency

When attend meeting outside office, bring along the business bag and portable storage stationery made with different materials to store small items and electronic items neatly, boosting work efficiency and also delivering a professional style.

Business bags and EVA hard cases are equipped with inner pockets, which can be used to store laptop, tablets, notebooks and pens respectively. Ringed notebook in different sizes has simple design and the paper is smooth for writing, hence the ink does not easily penetrate into paper. Both the lid and bottom part of the aluminium card case can be used to store name cards or other cards. Besides, stainless steel pen holder is attached with a clip which can be used to carry around together with notebook or schedule book.

  • Business Bag with Laptop Pocket
  • EVA Hard Case
  • Sheep Leather Card Holder
  • Crafted Ringed Notebook
  • Stainless Steel Pen Stand
  • Aluminium Card Case
  • Fountain Pen
  • Stainless Steel Pen Holder