Giving you Christmas

There's nothing compares to the joy of giving a special someone, something special, wrapped just right - a useful gift they can use. Imagine a special moment like that? Think MUJI.

Giving you Christmas Online Game

Sending the festive blessings with gifts. From 1st to 26th December 2017, MUJI introduces "Giving you Christmas online game" and prepares gifts for you to enjoy the days filled with joy. Simply enter your name and email to join the online game.

The participant who used the shortest time to find the right gift set each day is entitled for a MUJI gift bag (a total of 26 prizes during the Promotion Period). If the participant is a MUJI passport (Hong Kong version) member, entering MUJI passport ID and gain an extra chance for a HK$100 MUJI gift coupon (a total of 10 Extra Prizes during the Promotion Period). (View Terms and Conditions)

Christmas Campaign


Flannel checks bed linen, interesting cuckoo clock or natural fragrance fill the air with festive ambience, making people look forward to the coming of christmas even more.

Giving you warmth

Prepare comfortable warm clothing for children to let them play freely in cold winter.
You can also give lightweight pocketable down or accessories for familiy and friends, and let them to feel your care.

  • Children's Corduroy Wadding Vest/Padding Quilted Jacket

  • Wool Mix Touch Screen Gloves

  • Men's & Ladies' Light French Down Pocketable Vest/Blouson

  • Wool Woven Muffler

Giving you joy

Enjoy delicious moment with friends by serving party snacks in the gathering. Small packed candies and snacks are also suitable for party gifts and to express your gratitude for familiy and friends.

  • Pochi Snacks

  • Crystal Wine Glass

  • Crispy Snacks

  • 3 Flavor Pie Assortment/Marshmallow

Giving you love

Send practical gifts to care for your beloved daily needs. They help to create a relaxing and comfortable environment, fill the festive joy in everyday life.

  • Cuckoo Clock

  • Organic Cotton Flannel Bed Linen

  • Size Adjustable Earmuffs/Non-Itchy On Forehead Wool Beanie

  • Home Fragrance

Giving you unforgettable memory

Prepare personalized Christmas card to convey your sincere blessing. Read activities books together with kids or recreate your childhood pleasure with toys, all these bring a warm and memorable Christmas.

  • Activities Book

  • Wooden Toy

  • Schedule Note/Erasable Magic/Masking Tape

  • Warm Fiber Slippers/Animal Cushion

A Night for All

Give Christmas blessings through painting. Japanese painter and illustrator Miroco Machiko uses plants and animals as the theme, boldly expresses the sounds and scenes of Christmas using vivid colors and unique technique.

  • See them grow
    my teeth、your hair、deer horn、bird feather、grass roots、small bud...

  • Hear them
    horn piano,rairai rururu,A song for all... run

  • Spin around
    clapping pappapa,footsteps tatatta,huuhuhee hahhehe,Hear laughter rain...

  • The Drawers and Moving
    Japanese architect Hideyuki Nakayama, who recalls the Christmas present, “drawer”, in a winter of his first year of elementary school, describes how a heartfelt gift fills with the stories of his growth with family, which becomes a warm memory of every Christmas.

  • Gift of the Night Sky
    Japanese photographer and author Hiroshi Ono, who spent a Christmas Eve in Africa, shares the store about an eatery owner and his daughters, who picked the stars from sky as Christmas presents while he was having dinner at the eatery.

  • Joulu (Christmas in Finland)
    Anu Tuominen, a Finnish visual artist, specializes in expressing visual language using the daily objects that often appear to be gradually forgotten or ignored. The Christmas in Finland, snow like duvet feathers quietly fall to the ground and melt. Reach out your hand and let the snow in star shape falls on your gloves.

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