IDÉE-Life in Art

Decorate your home with IDÉE's Christmas tree and ornaments. The unique and lovely animal figurines of LISA LARSON and Christmas wreath bring happiness and art to everyday life.

Xmas Tree with HUBSCH Christmas Ornament

Enjoy the fun of decoration. Simple iron Christmas tree can be placed indoor with small candles or ornaments to create a unique Christmas environment.

• Diameter approx. 98cm / Height approx. 135cm

* Do not hang ornaments with candle lights

Xmas Wreath

FOY Red Berries Wreath
Pine cone, hawthorn fruit, walnut, leaves, fake berries
Diameter approx. 22cm and 33cm

Eucalyptus Wreath
Soft Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Gunnii
Diameter approx. 30cm

FOY Cotton Wreath
Natural cotton, wire
Diameter approx. 25cm

FOY Xmas Wreath
Pine cone, birch skin, leaves, hibiscus fruit shell, cotton, fake berries, foam polystyrene base
Diameter approx. 26cm and 34cm


Lions, bulldogs, cats, ponies, seals ... every animal figurine has a funny expression and cute shape which makes people smile. Lisa Larson, a famous Swedish potter, likes to observe different kinds of animals and creates interesting works which brings people happiness.

LISA LARSON Elk Figurine
LISA LARSON Polar Bear Figurine
LISA LARSON Lion Figurine
LISA LARSON Cat Figurine

Rasox Wool Blended Socks

Established in 1991, Japanese sports brand RASOX advocates the concept of "Live with Nature", and persists in producing high quality merchandise. RASOX believes that maintaining foot comfort is the requisite to healthy living, hence it produces socks that fit feet well. Based on the observation that humans move their feet with right angled ankles, RASOX produces right angled socks instead of common cylindrical socks by using special technique. Difficult to get loose, well wrapped of ankles, the right-angle socks bring feet with comfort.

PUUF Beads Sofa

PUUF Beads Sofa has a shape as lovely as a big marshmallow. No matter you are reading, watching TV or lying down relaxingly, the fine beads inside move according to body weight and posture to support your body well. The sides and bottom of the sofa are made of canvas that do not deform easily, while the top is made of elastic material, which supports your back and arms like a mini armchair. The elastic material used on sofa cover is easily changeable and washable. Have your own choice of colour to fit in your home.

PUUF Beads Sofa
MINI PUUF Beads Sofa

IDÉE Seasonal Gift

Adding the festive joy through the exploration of life and blending the fun of arts to our daily life, it is how IDÉE products deliver. Gift in delicate design can be used as Christmas decoration or seasonal gift for blessings.

  • POOL "KORORO NO MONO" White Porcelain

    KOROKORO NO MONO is a collaborative project with the artists from “Shobu Gakuen”, a welfare institution in Kagoshima. Collages were created and printed on white porcelain plates and cups from MUJI. The simple white porcelain tableware with patterns brings a sense of freedom and vitality which adds a pleasant atmosphere on dining table.

  • POOL Incense Shoes Sachet

    Shoes sachet made from the leftover piece of cedar wood from hangers production. Cedar wood is insect repellent and deodorant. With linen bag design, it fits in different shoes easily. The shoes sachets are embroidered with adorable illustration created by designer Akira Minagawa from minä perhonen. It can be kept in drawers while not in use.

  • SIDAI Bracelet

    Since 2016, IDÉE collaborated with SIDAI DESIGN to produce exclusive edition of bracelet. Just like other SIDAI DESIGN items, its colourful design is easy to match with any coordination, making it ideal for daily dress-up or gift. It also provides economic support to Maasai people.

  • POOL White Porcelain Small Plates Box Set

    Collaborating with different corporates and producers, POOL series made use of those left over material/slightly dirts products that are not suitable for sell, to be reproduced into new products with new values.

  • POOL Everyday Handkerchief

    Made from fabrics scraps of MUJI bed linen, printed with patterns designed by artist from Kagoshima welfare institution "SHOBU GAKUEN". (Available in Mid Dec)

  • POOL Apron

    This kitchen fabric is launched to celebrate the joint-exhibition by POOL and Kagoshima welfare institution "SHOBU GAKUEN". Made from fabrics scraps of MUJI bed linen, they are printed with artwork of "SHOBU GAKUEN" artists.