Custom-made Furniture & Rugs

Custom-made service is now available for you to choose suitable sizes, materials and shapes of selected furniture and rugs to fit different home environment, personal preference and needs, where to utilize your home space efficiently.

Interior Advisor would propose household storage ideas. Through recommendation of custom-made furniture and rugs, as well as versatile furniture, storage products and methods, it caters for different needs to create a comfortable and pleasant living environment.

Tables & Benches

Oakwood tables and benches made from North America are solid and durable. The elegant oakwood grains with unique texture create a calm and relaxing home atmosphere.

You may refer to the below product specification and size:

Product Length Width Height (Not adjustable)
Oak Wood Table 80cm - 180cm 70cm - 110cm 72cm
Oak Wood Table Bench 50cm - 150cm 38cm 44cm
Oak Wood Desk 60cm - 180cm 30cm - 75cm 70cm
Oak Wood Low Table 30cm - 180cm 30cm - 60cm 44cm
Oak Wood Round Table Diameter: 70cm - 120cm 72cm

Order lead time: Approximately 4 months

Production: Hiroshima, Japan


- Clean gently with a soft and dry cloth or sweep to remove dust on the surface.
- When removing tough stain, use a cloth dampened with mild neutral detergent to wipe, and then use a damp cloth to wipe off the detergent and dry naturally.
- Place in a dry area with good air circulation, stable temperature and humidity. Avoid direct exposure to the sun to prevent cracking or get moldy of the wood.
- Prevent getting too close to the wall. It is recommended to leave approximately 5cm from edges for cooling.


Rugs are available in different materials and shapes. The texture is soft yet warm which is comfortable for walking and sitting. It helps reduce friction between furniture and the ground, and can be used as indoor partition to create a unique environment.

You may refer to the below materials, shapes, sizes and different colours:

Materials Characteristics Type Length Diameter Size Adjustment
Wool Elastic, keep warm,
good at moisture absorption
Wool Freeze Rug 100x100cm - 200x300cm 100 - 200cm 10cm (Rectangular)
Wool Linen Rug
Wool Wilton Woven Rug
Wool Cut Pile Rug
Synthetic Fiber Durable, not easy to get moldy or deformed,
antibacterial, stain resistant, elastic
Polyester Cut Pile Rug 100x100cm - 350x400cm 100 - 350cm 1cm (Rectangular)
Nylon Loop Pile Rug

Available shapes:Rectangular or round shapes

Colour:Single colour (Rug's colours are different according to rug's type)

Order lead time:approximately 2 months



- Use vacuum cleanser or dust roller for cleaning in general.
- Use a cloth dampened with mild neutral detergent, then use a damp cloth to wipe off the detergent and dry naturally, in monthly basis.
- Handle immediately if there is stain such as soy sauce. Place a towel under the stain and use a towel dampened with mild neutral detergent to pat, the stain will fade to the towel gradually.
*Images for reference only.

Custom-made Service

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