Compact Life Storage in the Shape of Life



Making storage furniture extraordinary


Wooden Stacking Shelves hung from the ceiling are used in the FREE BOXES room to divide the space without feeling cramped. The room feels spacious and the footpathis uninterrupted so a wheelchair can also access the space easily.

*The stacking shelf measurements are different from ordinary specifications.

TORAFU ARCHITECTS was involved in the renovation of PMQ, a design facility in Hong Kong. A new design venture was carried out using MUJI storage furniture.

PMQ was established in the spring of 2014 in the Soho District as a new Hong Kong landmark. The facility used to be apartments for families of police officers. The renovated building now houses offices, studios, shops, and restaurants. In one area is a space for designers in residence. TORAFU ARCHITECTS was in charge of renovating three of the rooms.

“To divide the dining and bedroom, Steel Unit Shelves in the PALETTE room were arranged in an 'L' shape which includes an arch. Steel Unit Shelves are great because they are constructed of thin rods, so even large sizes won’t overwhelm the room." Custom-made parts were made with stainless steel and MDF (fibreboard) for this experimental design, which combines shelves with back panels that draw to the eye. “We gave the rooms a delightful colour palette that changes the feel of the material and original colour scheme. The rooms are meant for young designers to stay in and work, so we incorporated a sense of extraordinary.”

The other two rooms are also unique, where fun, functionality and radical experimental ideas quietly exist together. In the FREE BOXES room, Wooden Stacking Shelves* are hung from the ceiling, and in the ISLAND room, moveable furniture were created made with the same Wooden Stacking Shelves.*

“How should modularized products be used in a space? That is a question that can be asked not only in the world of architecture and design, but in ordinary life as well.”

*The Wooden Stacking Shelf measurements are different from ordinary specifications.


Steel Unit Shelves divide the dining room and bedroom in the PALETTE room.
The shelves experiment with the use of new kinds of materials. The combination of different materials and coloured parts brings together colours like a palette.

*The Steel Unit Shelf measurements are different from ordinary specifications.


The focus of the ISLAND room is on movable furniture surrounded by Wooden Stacking Shelves, which are placed on one wall. The space can be flexibly changed, depending on the mood of the person staying in the room since the furniture is moveable.

*The Wooden Stacking Shelf measurements are different from ordinary specifications.