Compact Life Storage in the Shape of Life


Child’s RoomChild’s Room

The child’s room combines a raised bed and pine wood unit shelves of the same width. The space under the bed can be used as a play area and in many other ways as the child grows.

01 How to use a raised bed
The open space created by the raised bed can be used as a play space, storage space, or bed in accordance with your child’s growth and lifestyle. Combine it with a unit shelf in a T-shape and it becomes a room partition.
02 Keep the air clean
The air cleaner keeps the child’s room clean by eliminating minute suspended particles such as dust and dirt. Keep the air clean to create a comfortable environment.
03 Gentle lighting
The round form of the spherical lamp is gentle on the eyes and can be used as a floor light. With the LED bulb, it provides soft, illumination for the room.
04 The perfect module
Clutter-free storage perfectly stores items by combining shelves that are the same width as the bed. It is handy for putting away objects of various shapes, such as toys and stuffed animals.