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Dining RoomDining Room

Dining room lined with Stainless Steel Unit Shelves that are for both food storage and sideboard functions. Utilize the additional drawers, glass doors and modular storage products to smartly store items of different shapes and sizes.

01 Illuminate the table from corner to corner
A dining table light that hangs 60-80cm above the table can brightly illuminate the entire surface.
02 Pull out the table top for a larger surface.
Both ends of the table can be extended out for a larger table top. Use the smaller table top for everyday use, and pull out the extension for more table space when entertaining guests.
03 Clip on and hang up
The wire clips can be easily hung from a bar or on other areas to hold frequently used items such as kitchen towels and oven mittens. The clips are also convenient for holding recipes and shopping lists.
04 Choose suitable shapes and sizes
The Beige Porcelain series and acacia plates featuring beautiful natural wooden textures and grains, are similar in sizes and shapes, making them stackable for streamlined storage.
05 Food storage
Wire baskets allow you to see the contents at a glance. Convenient for storing and carrying food items, they are also stackable when stored with the handle tucked in.