Compact Life Tips for Living a New Way


Tips for Living a New Way01 - 10

01 Pick it up to make sure you need it
Knowing how much is just right for you is the first step to a comfortable life. Pick up those clothes in the back of the drawer and those tools you don’t use much anymore, and ask yourself if you still need them. Keep the things that you often use within easy reach.
02 Designate a single place for storage
Moving things you keep in different places to one central storage place will reinvigorate your home. For a neat and organized look, choose storage units in the same color and shape, using some units to display and others to hide items.
03Temporary storage
Choose a place to temporarily hold items to be put back in storage later or documents to be organized better. Keep your home neat and uncluttered with a designated location to put items temporarily and set rules for clearing up.
04 Arrange and rearrange
Units can be used alone or in various combinations. Line up sofas, shelf units and other large furniture items or separate them to suit your space and purpose even if your lifestyle changes.
05A room with an excellent view
Using low shelves as space dividers make the most of small rooms. Low furniture give rooms with limited amounts of space an open and clear feel.
06Clean as you go
Clean up messes as soon as you find them with compact cleaning tools kept within easy reach. This little bit of daily care keeps tables, desks and other parts of the room neat and clean every day.
07What’s on hand may be even better
Rather than buying something new, look for things you already have in the house. Using things for unintended purposes, like a glass or carafe as a vase or a white porcelain dish to hold small objects, give your room an unusual and interesting touch.
08Collect what you love
Acrylic boxes are ideal for storing your favourite things like shells gathered by the sea, the toys your kids love, colorful rolls of decorative tape.
09Play with walls
Use wall space as a canvas for the things you find interesting, such as works by your favorite artist, postcards you found while traveling, knickknacks. Decorate your space and make your home unique.
10Live well with sunlight
Change your curtains according to seasonality in the same way you bring out and pack away clothes for different seasons. Choosing curtain material and function to let light in sunlight or keep it out.