Sleep, starts from life

MUJI 無印良品

Cultivate your Sleep

Miss Megumi Kaji from NPO Sleep Culture Studies Association points out that "sleep can be created while we are awake". Sufficient sleep brings you the vitality for daily work. Conversely, a fruitful day brings you a good sleep quality. Life and sleep seem to be closely related. Miss Kaji, can sleep be created?

Megumi KAJI

鍛治 恵

In 1898, Miss Kaji joined Lofty Co., Ltd. She was assigned to the Sleep Studio and started the research on sleep culture. Miss Kaji was transferred to laboratory along with the establishment of the Sleep Culture Studies Association. In 2009, Miss Kaji left Lofty Co., Ltd. and engaged in the studies of sleep culture. In 2010, Miss Kaji accepted the role as secretary of the NPO Sleep Culture Studies Association. She participated in the editorial works including "History of Japanese pajamas" ("Pajamas cultural magazine" written by Shuji Yoshida, published by Toseisha), "Sleeping time and sleeping space" ("For sleep culture learners" written by Masatoshi Takada, Tadao Hori and Mashayoshi Shigeta, published by Sekaishisosha). As a tutor of sleep improvement, Miss Kaji also published "Deep sleep" (published by Shinchosha).

Sleep is different. Sleep can be changed.

Talking about sleep, there are many recommendations, such as “the ideal sleeping time is 8 hours", "it's more easy to wake up in every 90 minutes". Indeed, most of them are rumors. In fact, sleep varies from person to person. There is no one can define what is "the proper sleep". Children is not the same as the elderly. Even the same person, sleep varies according to the change of age and lifestyle. Therefore, sleep is "different" and "can be changed". Firstly, to explain a fallacy that some people claim themselves "can fall asleep immediately after lying on bed for a few seconds" or "can sleep without a bed", etc. Indeed, they may not be good at sleep. The fact that they can sleep anytime and anywhere could be a signal of insufficient sleep. In that case, what is good sleep?

The meaning of "sleeping tight" is.....

"Good sleep quality" and "sleep peacefully” always used to describe as sleeping tight. The true meaning of sleeping tight is the balance between the length, quality and rhythm of sleep. Sleep quality means "easy to fall asleep" and "wake up in good spirits". With the rhythm and the sleep duration set by our circadian biological clock, together with the three elements reach equilibrium, people get enough sleep. However, it is a subjective feeling of whether sleep is enough or not, there is no universal standard that fits for everyone. Sleep quality depends on the physical conditions of different ages. Older people may not get as much sleep as they would like; some people may not sleep tight as usual or wake up naturally after 6 hours of sleep instead of the recommended 8 hours. These are their needs of sleep in the current stage of age and body. There is nothing to worry about if it does not hinder daily works. It is normal that the length and quality of sleep change gradually.

Indeed, sleep is determined by daytime.

Understand the formation of sleep, together with good environment and habits, there may be a clue for you to sleep better. There are two criteria to form a sleep. One is our circadian biological clock that follows a roughly 24-hour cycle. It controls sleep pattern and body temperature, which is affected by light, diet and exercise. The other is the sleep desire accumulated from the day, based on the length of sobriety and the nature of the activities. These are the keys for sleep. Similar to appetite, it will be less likely to have hunger with low-level activities. To promote sleep desire, considers about daily activities. Sleep and daily activities are closely related. The time to wake up, the level of sunshine, the change of body temperature, the time of eating, the way of working and even bathing, etc. Working or doing any activities relaxingly that does not hinder our circadian biological clock between the time we wake up and sleep, there will be subtle change on sleep. Conversely, "sleep can be cultivated". Spend some time during the daytime to achieve a good sleep quality.

Sleep is the basic of life

Adjust body state and promote sleep desire during the day cannot improve sleep. The other important factor is sleeping "environment". Bedding texture, brightness of bedroom and overall living environment as well as lifestyle also affect sleep. Daytime lifestyle and sleeping environment determine sleep quality at night. Although it was mentioned before, there is no "proper sleep", yet, there is the corrected knowledge. People who understand this structure but still struggle to fall asleep should think about what hinders sleep and what should be improved. Thinking about sleep means thinking about life. Not only to rectify bedroom and pay attention to the tips of evening activities, but also to manage overall lifestyle. It may help to improve sleep quality.

Tips to "make sleep more interesting"

Basically, sleep is enjoyable. As mentioned, sleep is similar to appetite. Take meal as an example, hot weather makes people think of curry, or Asian cuisine with sour tastes. There is no excetion for sleep. Using the bedding style of tropical countries during the Summer nights with dry and cool feelings, conversely, consider the bedding style of other countries during the Winter nights with soft and warm feelings. Take the tips of sleeping over the world and make sleep more interesting. There are four distinct seasons in Japan, in which Spring and Autumn make it easier to fall asleep, while Winter and Summer makes it difficult to sleep because of outdoor temperature. Sleep and temperature are closely related. The ways for sleeping will be adjusted according to the change of seasons and temperature.

It's good to be free

Sleep changes along with the change of environment. Even the same person does not have a stable sleep. Instead of sleeping in the same way every day, it is better to relax a bit. As mentioned, sleep changes according to different factors, it may be better to accept things "as it is". Similar to Summer and Winter with totally different environments. The physical condition of the youth and the elderly are also different. With this as a prerequisite, let's be positive to reduce the pressure of struggling to fall asleep.

Sleep is similar to making soup

We used to talk about sleep to different persons that sleep is similar to making soup. Although the same recipes with the same ingredients, steps and methods, different persons make the soup with different tastes. Even using the same ingredients, it tastes differently because of stewing time. For example, adding too much salt or adding sugar instead of salt mistakenly will screw up the soup. This example was made while staying at a spa hotel with friends. On that day, a friend of mine said, "Wow, we can take a good sleep", after a spa service. It turned out a neck pain due to a high pillow. We all laughed at him and said, "It was a good relaxing time but finally wasted". This is exactly the example of "adding sugar instead of salt mistakenly". In addition, whether the taste of soup is good or bad depends on a person's tongue. Even the same soup, some people feel it is "tasteless" while some people feel it is "too salty". Different people determine tastes differently. Same as the taste of soup, it is a complex process to achieve a good sleep quality. Similar to following the same recipe may not resulted in the ideal taste. The quality of sleep changes according to daytime activities. Whether it is a good sleep or not, you are the only one to define it.