What would Earth be like without humans? There is a place where we can see a splendid example of this, where vast and overwhelming natural scenery unfolds: Indonesia comprised of over 13,000 islands. In the Raja Ampat Islands, at the tip of the “beak” of the condor-shaped island of New Guinea, where the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans commingle, there is a place that is said to have the most biodiverse marine ecosystem in the world. The islands here protrude from the sea like clusters of mushrooms and do offer excellent scenery, but if you dive into the shallow sea surrounding them, spectacular and breathtaking coral reefs stretch before you. These photos capture scenes of Earth in which the sea, land, and sky appear fused into a single entity. Indeed, it’s like scenery from ancient times, before humans existed. One can intuit that this primordial environment was brought forth by the struggle for life. MUJI has tried to capture this tableau in photographs. Remember, we always take the natural world as our role model. MUJI’s colors are not necessarily always beige and grey. Continually gazing at natural materials, we would like to seize and reproduce the colors of Earth woven through the struggle for survival.