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FREE Home Delivery

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Retail Stores

16 – 26 March 2017
Minimum $250 spent in the furniture department.

*Usual with min. $500 spent. Delivery charges will still be applicable for purchase below $250.

What’s more? Engage the service of our Interior Advisor and redeem a 10% OFF Voucher for use on Household items recommended in the consultation. Learn more in-store (ION Orchard/ Paragon/ Raffles City/ VivoCity).


Finding adequate storage space is always a challenge, which is why at MUJI we offer storage solutions that are multi-functional and innovative. Read on to know more about two of our popular storage range! 


Polypropylene (PP) Storage 


One of our popular series, the PP Storage range are multifunctional; they are stackable, packable and versatile enough to be utilized for practically anything. Left naturally uncoloured, these cases are transparent enough to show the content stored without putting everything on display.


Polypropylene’s natural colour
The simple neutral colour is ideal for the most individual of rooms, and blend in perfectly with the rest of the furnishing.


A stackable open type rack
By combining units of different sizes, small spaces such as under your sink can be neatly organized.


Stainless Unit Shelves (SUS)


The popularity of this series lies in just how versatile they are. Combine different sizes and optional parts for a nearly infinite number of possibilities. Design your unit shelves to work for you and your living space.


Use for shoe storage
Adjust shelves to accommodate shoes and boots of every height. The frame crosspiece are also a convenient place to hand shoe care products, shoehorns and other items.


Stainless steel properties
Shelves and frame in rust-resistant stainless steel are ideal for storing laundry goods and toiletries.