Obviously, brands are not found in nature. No one made nature; it is the result of multitudes of living things, encompassing all of creation, mutually, and naturally, improving life itself. This photo features the Raja Ampat Islands in Indonesia. There commingle the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, in which thrives the highest level of marine diversity in the world. The underwater view is breathtaking. Then if you try to take in the whole scene, the Earth, in which sea, land, and sky are as one, it unfolds like scenery from primeval times, before humans existed. In this place, you intuit the primordial energy of nature created through the striving against one another for life. Inevitably, MUJI has followed the natural world as its model. With the attitude of regulating waste and excess, focusing on the benefits of the nature of the original materials, MUJI, which began with 40 products, now makes 7,000. MUJI continues to evolve, through the jostling of little thoughts that arise from our constant observation, from every angle, of everyday life.