Compact Life Tips for Living a New Way

MUJI 無印良品

Tips for Living a New Way11 - 19

11 The table as centerpiece.
Choose the larger dining room table as the family gathering place. This is the most convenient, practical choice for a space where family can come together to read books, prepare food, study, or draw pictures.
12Savor with all your senses.
Tableware and utensils add appreciation to daily meals. Use dinnerware that shows your food to best advantage and utensils that fit your hand well. Choose the cooking utensils you like best for even more pleasure at the dining table.
13The simple complexity of a piece of cloth.
Wonderfully textured, versatile linen sheets quickly transform into a tablecloth, bedspread, or sofa throw. Easy to wash and quick drying, a simple piece of cloth can be used over and over in many different ways.
14Multifunctional living.
Multifunctional furniture like a bed with drawers keeps small rooms feeling orderly and open. Use your own yardstick to measure your needs, whether the right size of furniture for your home or the appropriate number of shirts or towels.
15Use it your own way.
Stools and benches are powerful allies in your home. Move them from room to room to use as seats or tables. Furnish with items that can be used in different ways depending on location and purpose.
16Make your mark.
Customize items you use every day with a stamp or embroidery to make them your own.
17Bring scent into your life.
Immerse yourself in your favorite scent when you want a lift or to relax. Fragrance oils, essential oils, solid perfumes you can carry with you, and other forms of fragrance can make you feel like new.
18Think about lighting.
Choose lighting in materials and designs that suit your room’s style and that can also be turned up or down to create different moods. Effective use of table lamps and other indirect lighting significantly changes a room’s atmosphere.
19 Live with plants.
Add a touch of green in a small corner to accent a room. You can add green to your life to varying degrees, whether it’s plants in large pots that sit on the floor or small containers that sit on a table.