MUJI Skincare


Sensitive Skin SeriesHypoallergenic series won’t irritate delicate skin

Gentle care for healthy and hydrated sensitive skin that is susceptible to are-ups caused by dryness and stress

Fragrance free / Dye free / Mineral oil free / Paraben free / Alcohol free / Allergy testednote: May still cause allergic reactions in certain individuals
Functional ingredients for moisture:
Polyquaternium-51 / Hyaluronic acid Na
Natural plant ingredients:
A combination of grapefruit seed extract for moisture and purslane extract to protect skin from dryness.note: For illustrative purposes only
Grapefruit seeds

Why the MUJI Sensitive Skin Series? Four Reasons to Choose this Series

1. Born of natural spring water
Water is the base of all skincare, and we have carefully selected the finest-quality water collected from natural cavern springs in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture.
Slowly filtered through bedrock over decades,this super soft water contains only micro particles and is easily soaked up by the skin.
Water this delicious is also gentle on the skin.
2. Ingredients that are gentle on delicate skin
Skin Series are fragrance f ree, dye f ree, mineral oi l f ree, paraben f ree,and alcohol free.
These ingredients deliver gentle care for healthy and hydrated sensitive skin that is susceptible to flare-ups caused by dryness, stress and other environmental factors.
3. Simple products that everyone can use
The basic design of the packaging blends naturally with other cosmetics on the shelf and is easy for everyone to use regardless of age or gender.
These simple formulas work well whether for personal use or for the entire family to share.
4. Large bottles at a reasonable price
The 400ml bottles of toner and moisturizing mi lk a re e special l y good value and recommended for fully saturating both face and body, as well.
Make sure your skin gets all the moisture it needs every day with generous applications during your morning and evening skincare routine.