Yak Wool


New In: Yak Wool


A new item in our Autumn/Winter 2018 range is the Yak Wool range. Natural wool is blended with wool from Yaks living in harsh environments 3,800 metres above sea level, creating a soft and warm texture. It is generally believed that domesticated yaks have been kept for more than two thousand years. Yaks have been tame animals and close to human life. The wool is excellent in retaining heat. There are two layers of Yak wool. The outside layer is thicker and the inside layer is similar to cashmere, thin and soft.



Men’s Crew Neck Sweaters – $79.95 Ladies V-Neck Sweaters – $59.95
MUJI yak wool men's MUJI yak wool ladies
Large Yak Wool Cape Stole – $79.95 Yak Wool Dress – $74.95
MUJI Yak wool stole J_1333-763


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