[Ended][Vancouver] MUJI Community Market – Meet Local Food & Artists

Saturday, October 31 & Sunday, November 1

Event date:
Saturday, October 31 & Sunday, November 1
Activity time:
12PM - 5PM
Event location:
1125 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1B5
Entrance fee:



We’re thrilled to introduce our first MUJI Community Market, to be hosted at MUJI Robson Street this October!

On October 31 and November 1, specialty organic mushroom farmer @Oyster&King and Vancouver-based tea hunter @O5Tea will be joining us to host a pop-up market to feature their local-grown, fresh produce and ethical-sourced tea products to our MUJI Community!

David from Oyster & King will introduce some fresh oyster and shitake mushrooms, dried mushrooms, and also mushroom growing kits that you can harvest self-grown mushrooms at home!

Exclusively at the pop-up market, O5 Tea will release a limited collection of tea from Wazuka (Kyoto), a beautiful region with over 800 years of tea growing history. Wazuka celebrates a tea festival in November every year; in 2020, with a COVID wreaking havoc worldwide, Wazuka will celebrate the festival online. In Vancouver, O5 Tea will join the celebration too! Haruka, organizer of the Wazuka Festival, kindly curated a collection of small batch, delicious tea from Wazuka to share on October 31 and November 1, at MUJI Robson St.

O5 Tea will also promote a fairly unknown side of Japanese tea culture and feature rare Japanese tea that is quite difficult to get… even in Japan! Bata Bata Cha (a dark tea from Toyama), Miyamoto Musashi’s favourite bancha (from Mimasaka), a collection of Meiji style koucha from Kyushu Island… discover a new and delicious world of Japanese tea!

Exclusively on October 31, Vancouver-based watercolour artist @IsobelsCardCo will also join us to exhibit her sustainable, recycled, watercolour greeting cards, hand-painted bookmarks, and watercolour artworks that are locally made, inspired by nature, and eco-friendly.

We want to invite everyone to the MUJI Community Market to support our local artists and small business partners in Vancouver, BC. Make sure to come by and say hi!






Oyster and King is a mushroom company based in Cloverdale in South Surrey. They are a small company doing business in wholesale distribution and specialty mushroom cultivation, as well as exploring the world of wild mushrooms, culinary and nutraceutical products! They work with all and any restaurants, cafes, and other vendors to bring you the mushrooms you love and more!

Please get in touch if you are passionate about mushrooms, want to learn more about growing, or want to get in touch with Oyster & King as a supplier!

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O5 Tea

O stands for our obsession with Origin. We travel the world building strong bonds with farmers and sourcing rare tea from remote villages. We want your cup to tell the story of the earth on which the tea grew and the hands that lovingly harvested each leaf. FIVE represents Nature’s elements: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and the Void. In harmony, these elements express tea leaves into an outstanding cup. Welcome to our tea bar! We see it as a space to host friends, share and experiment.

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Isobel’s Card Company was founded by Isobel Rennie, a wildlife biologist based in North Vancouver, BC. Isobel’s Card Co. started as a way for her to sign her own handmade cards when she was young and has now blossomed into a full business. She fell in love with watercolours after high-school and started making countless cards for family and friends. She has learned that the thoughtful touch of a handwritten card can impact not just the life of the recipient, but the giver as well.

During her Bachelors Degree in Biology, she researched and spent time with endangered turtles and bird species across BC. These experiences, combined with the overwhelming amount of waste and pollution in our natural environment, have shaped Isobel’s Card Co. into a sustainable and eco-friendly business. Her cards are not packaged in plastic and are made with recycled paper.

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