Oddly satisfying


Clean, wherever you want, whenever you want

Keep your home spotless daily with MUJI cleaning tools.
Simple and smart design allow for easy access,
quick cleaning and quick storage.

Adjust to your needs

For a satisfying cleaning experience,
choose among various tools and
combine as needed to build your own system
for easy and efficient cleaning.

For the living room and bedroom

Keep the living room and
bedroom clean with easy-to-use MUJI tools,
including our floor mop
and self-standing lint roller.

For windows, bathroom and kitchen

Our squeegee is ideal for cleaning windows,
tubs and wash basins.
Other cleaning tools include sponges
and a tile grout brush.

For the entryway and veranda

In addition to a deck scrubber with a handle locked in place
to help you tackle outside dirt,
our cleaning system also has brooms,
dustpans, and other tools designed for cleaning outdoor areas.

For hard-to-reach spaces

Spot-cleaning brushes and
sponges are perfect
for cleaning narrow spaces
and hard-to-reach areas.