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Organic Cotton T-Shirts

We all wear T-Shirts.MUJI's cotton T-Shirts use organic cotton grown on land that has been free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers for at least 3 years.You can choose from 3 types of fabric according to the texture and opaqueness.

Coarse Jersey

Coarse Jersey T-shirtLadies'

$24.90 / $39.90

Thick and opaque

As it has a dry surface, it can be worn on hot summer days even though it is thick. It is also moderately elastic and opaque.


Jersey T-ShirtLadies' / Men's


Smooth and comfy

The yarn is intentionally spun to create a naturally uneven fabric.
As the contact area between the skin and fabric is lower, it feels cool even during summertime.

Uneven Yarn

Uneven Yarn T-shirtLadies'


Typical T-Shirt

Just thick enough to be worn on its own or as innerwear, it also has a durable neckline.