MUJI Hankyu

MUJI Hankyu is located at Taipei MRT City Hall Station and Bus Terminal at Uni-President Hankyu, the destination in Xinyi District that is leading today's fashion. The shop has been reopened in the second basement of Uni-President as Taiwan's largest flagship store.

Largest Showfloor Space in Taiwan

MUJI continues to expand overseas. As of December 2014, the shop had 295 shops in 25 countries, with 33 shops in Taiwan alone. MUJI Hankyu's mission is making life more comfortable, and with over one thousand square meter of floorspace at the flagship after its reopening, making it MUJI's largest shop in Taiwan, it stands poised to do just that. In addition to Taiwan's first Café&MealMUJI location, the flagship is home to dedicated interior design advisers who are ready to answer shoppers' needs. The space offers a range of new products, services, and spaces to enjoy.

Café&Meal MUJI

Café&Meal MUJI uses delicious natural ingredients infused with the blessings of the sun, earth, and water. Dishes are prepared as simply as possible so as to retain the ingredients' natural flavors. Enjoy a meal with family and friends, or relax over a cup of tea by yourself. Café&Meal MUJI offers pure, unvarnished food that is good for the body, good for the environment, and delicious to the palate. All this can be enjoyed in a relaxing and comfortable space.

Found MUJI

MUJI's mission has always been less about creating new items than about searching for, finding, and producing the best of what is already out there. MUJI combs the globe to find items that have long been beloved for their beauty and utility, then revamps and retools these pieces at affordable prices. Since 2003, this process has been dubbed Found MUJI and involves digging ever deeper to find even more interesting items. In their raw form, these need some revamping to fit our modern lives, so we collaborate with their creators to make these pieces into MUJI originals. We have refined our sensibilities in order to find the best of the best and update it for the present day while preserving its essence. Through the Found MUJI project, MUJI itself grows closer with the world.

Opening Ceremony

MUJI HANKYU opens on December 20th at 11:00 AM. The opening ceremony will see Ryohin Keikaku chairman Tadamitsu Matsui, MUJI Taiwan board chairman Satoru Matsuzaki, MUJI Taiwan CFO Liang Yijia, Uni-President Enteprises Corporation CFO Chen Ruitang, Uni-President Enterprises Logistics Deputy CFO Lai Nanbei, and Uni-President Hankyu Department Stores CFO Wang Baoming.

Opening Ceremony Date:
December 20, 10:20 -- 11:00
Basement 2F, 5-8, Zhongxiao Road, North Xinyi District, Taiwan (MUJI Taipei Hankyu entrance)
Basement 2F, 5-8, Zhongxiao Road, North Xinyi District, Taiwan (Uni-President Hankyu Department Store)
Business Hours:
(Sun-Thurs) 11:00-21:30, (Fri, Sat) 11:00-22:00