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MUJI 無印良品

Sensitive Skin SeriesNon-irritating series for delicate skin

Gently cares for sensitive skin easily bothered by dryness and stress, showing the way to moist, healthy skin.

Fragrance-free / Color-free / Mineral oil-free / Paraben-free / Alcohol-free / Allergy-tested* Not guaranteed to be allergen-free.
Moisturizing function ingredients
Polyquaternium-51 / Sodium hyaluronate
Natural plant ingredients
Combines moisturizing grapefruit seed extract with skin-protecting purslane extract to defend your skin against dryness.* Images shown are for illustrative purposes only
Grapefruit seed

Step-up skincare

Lotion sheets

We have two kinds of lotion sheets for letting face lotion seep into your skin: "Entire face" is for the entire face, and "Parts of face" is for points such as the areas around the eyes and mouth where you're concerned about dryness.
The "entire face" lotion sheet is small enough to fit inside the cap of a 200ml bottle of our face lotion.Place the coin-shaped sheet inside the cap, pour the lotion on it, and it will expand cylindrically. The lotion-soaked sheet is easily stretched, and quickly turns into a pack. Adjusting it from the position of your eyes, please apply the pack to your entire face. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes to give your face a bit more moisture than you normally do.
* If using the 400ml bottle, please use atop a small plate or tray.

Spray head, pump head

While it's also important to properly care for your skin using your hands and cotton, a spray head can be useful to make face lotion into a fine mist for easily replenishing moisture or getting refreshed. You can use the bottle as-is, and just switch the cap out for the pump. It can be used with one hand for easily spraying on your face and body after getting out of the bath and such. For the extra-large 400ml type, the easy-to-hold trigger-type head is also very convenient. You can spread a wide mist with minimal effort. Please use the pump head for face lotions that are especially milky and viscous.


By using cotton, you ensure that no face lotion is wasted during application.
The "easy-peel cotton" is a type in which four sheets can be peeled from one piece. First lay the piece as-is widthwise over your middle finger and ring finger, holding it firmly between your pointer finger and pinky.
Please pour enough face lotion on the cotton so that it becomes transparent, and then pat it.
After patting, peel the cotton into four sheets and, by applying them to your cheeks, forehead, chin or any other parts of your face where you're concerned about dryness, you'll have an easy cotton pack.

From water drop to toning water

Water is the key to our skincare products.
Read the rest of the story of the pure, natural water we collect from the Kamaishi mountains in Iwate.