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Next Level Skincare

Using the spray head

While using your hands or cotton to carefully apply moisture is an impor tant step in your skincare routine, using a spray head to convert toner into a fine mist is a great way to quickly rehydrate skin and reenergize your mood.
Replace the bottle cap with the spray head to instantly create a mister.
With the mister, you only need one hand to moisturize after the bath, and it’s just as easy to mist your body as your face.
For a wider, more diffuse mist,use the easy-to-grip trigger-type head with the large 400ml bottle.
The pump head should be used for moisturizing milk and toners containing highly viscous ingredients.

Using MUJI lotion sheets

Soak these sheets until they are fully saturated with toner.
Available in both full face sheets and eye/mouth patches for spot coverage where dryness can be a problem.
Full face sheets come compressed as small discs that fit into the cap of our 200 ml toner bottles.
Place the compressed sheet in the cap, fill the cap with toning water,and watch as the sheet soaks up the toner and expands to its full size.
Once saturated, the sheets unfold easily into moisturizing face packs.
Align the eyeholes and spread the sheet over your face.
Leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes for additional moisture to your usual skincare.
Note: Place cap on a small dish or tray when using the 400 ml bottle cap to soak the sheet.

Using cotton pads as face packs

Use cotton to save lotion.
MUJI Peelable Cotton pads are made up of four peelable thin layers.
First, place the full pad over your middle and ring fingers and hold in place with index finger and pinky.
Pour toner onto the pad until the pad is soaked through and apply to skin with a patting motion.
After patting the entire face with the full pad, peel apart the individual layers of cotton and place on cheeks, forehead, chin and other especially dry areas to create quick and easy cotton face packs.