MUJI Forum des Halles

Forum de Halles is a large shopping center at the site of what was once a central market considered "the breadbasket of Paris". Linked directly with Chatelet Station, which connects Paris to the exurbs by way of the RER, and with the Le Halles stop on the metro, the center is visited by approximately 500,000 people daily. The active location also features a cinema and restaurants, making it a frequent destination for locals.

Grand Opening Poster

To commemorate the launch of the event, a poster based on the themes of handicrafts, culture, and tradition was created. Three French artists collaborated to create two pieces that express the MUJI ethos.
The printing was carried out by idem, a historic lithography studio where the printing presses used to produce Picasso and Matisse's works still operate. Traditional Japanese washi paper was used as the medium for the works.

Philippe Weisbecker (Left)
Born in 1942 in France. Working out of Paris, New York, and Barcelona, explores the beauty of simple everyday objects. Uses pencils and rulers to achieve a unique painterly touch.
Jean-Michel Alberola (Center)
Born in 1953 in Algeria. Although working as a painter, actively incorporates the methodologies of literature, photography, and film into his work.
Paul Cox (Right)
Born in 1959 in Paris. After working as an English instructor, went on to self-study creative techniques. Now widely active in the production of picture books, graphic design, art objects, and other works.


Found MUJI takes everyday objects that have long been used in everyday life throughout the world and repurposes them to fit today's lifestyles, culture, and habits and reproducing them at affordable prices. The project will be making its first debut in Europe at the MUJI Forum des Halles.
Working with the lifestyle store MERCI, the project both exhibits and offers for sale traditional items that French people may remember but had forgotten about, offering them a chance to discover them anew.

Perfume made at a monastery

Monasteries and abbeys throughout France produce their own supplies and sustenance and are deeply rooted to their local communities. One such site is Chantilly Abbey in Moulins in southern Lyon, which has partnered with residents to form a company that produces skincare products and perfumes on-site. Their perfume will be exclusively available at this new flagship European location.

Panel discussion

MUJI goods hail from Japan but are beloved the world over. Their basis for being comes from a concept deep-rooted in Japanese culture: that simplicity should not be inferior to luxury -- that the intellect and sensibility beneath the surface of simple things is something to be proud of.
At this event, Kenya Hara of the MUJI Advisory Board joins guests working out of Paris, a city that prizes its unique culture and the arts, to debate various elements of Japanese and French culture and philosophy. Held on the night of September 23 on the eve of the Grand Opening of the flagship store.

September 23, 18:00--19:00
Forum des IMAGE (cinema housed at the Forum des Halles)


  • Jean Luc Colonna

  • Jean-Michel Alberola

  • Kenya Hara
    (MUJI Advisory Board)

Place Carrée at Forum des Halles floor level -3 (Map)
01 85 08 62 86
Hours of operation:
10am – 8pm (Monday thru Saturday)