Discover Hokkaido

Taking up one-fourth of farmland in Japan, Hokkaido gives birth to rich variety of crops. Hokkaido’s subarctic climate provides a cool and dry environment with abundant water supply which is favourable to crop and livestock growth. The junction of warm and cold currents in surrounding sea also provides a large variety of seafood.

With such diversified and quality ingredients, daily cooking in Hokkaido is characterised by simple cooking methods with natural seasoning such as salt, soy sauce and miso. With simple preparation, we can taste the original flavour of the ingredients.


Baron Potato

Hokkaido, with large daily temperature range and long insolation duration, produces potatoes with natural sweet flavour. Baron Potato is rich in starch and its texture becomes soft and creamy after cooked, which is ideal for making croquettes, baked potatoes and salads.

Hidaka Kelp

Kelp is an essential ingredient of making Japanese broth, and kelp broth can serve as the base for many traditional Japanese menus such as soup, hot pot and steamed dishes. In Japan, 90% of kelp is from Hokkaido, and Hidaka kelp is one of the most widely used types in Japanese cuisine.

Hokkaido Milk

With Hokkaido’s pleasant climate, fertile soil and rich pasture, cattle provides mellow and smooth milk in a healthy feeding environment strictly controlled by farmers. By using Hokkaido milk of 3.6% fat content, Café&Meal MUJI serves desserts and breads that are sweet and milky.

Found DELI

Searches for seasonal ingredients from all over the world, and explores the wisdom of eating inherited from local culture. Original flavours are being brought to the menu through healthy and tasty traditional family recipes.

Café&Meal MUJI chefs visit ingredient origins around the world and learn different cooking methods and skills from local families, bringing their daily wisdom of using in-season ingredients to the menu of Café&Meal MUJI for you to enjoy their unique food cultures.

Salted Grilled Salmon
Salmon Sanpeijiru

Salmon is one of the most widely used ingredients in Hokkaido cuisine, with grilling or boiling as its common cooking method. It contains rich and evenly distributed fat, making it succulent after grilling with salt, and its taste has long been a favourite of local Hokkaido people. While in Sanpeijiru, salmon is boiled with different vegetables and seasoned with soy sauce to bring out its best flavour, giving a delectable taste.

Hokkaido Kelp & Miso Soup

Use of broth made from Hidaka kelp and bonito as the base and added with additive-free white miso and fresh vegetables, this flavourful soup supports daily diet by offering different nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants, and gives a healthy and traditional taste.

Hokkaido Baron Potato Salad

Baron potato is one of the most commonly used ingredients in local families. It has a natural sweet and mellow flavour, and its mouthfeel becomes creamy after cooking. Mix the cooked potato with egg, corn and carrot, and serve with tasty mayonnaise; it becomes a delicious and healthy salad, bringing a fresh taste to this season.

Hokkaido Red Bean Milk Pudding

Famous for its milk production, it is common to see dairy products such as milk pudding, yogurt, ice cream and cheese in Hokkaido. Made with 3.6 Hokkaido milk and topped with Tokachi red beans, the milk pudding has a smooth texture and pleasant milky taste that is unique to the area.