Café&Meal MUJI Miso Delis
Enjoy the natural and healthy flavour

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning made from ingredients like soybeans, rice, barley, salt and koji through the fermentation process. Miso is classified into soybean miso, rice miso or barley miso based on ingredient type, or white or red miso based on its colour. Rich in proteins, a variety of amino acids, vitamin B complex and E, minerals such as iron, phosphorus, and calcium, Miso has been regarded as a nutritional food since the Edo period. During the fermentation process, Miso provides the gut with beneficial bacteria for improving intestinal health and enhancing immunity.

Kinzanji Miso

Originated in the Kamakura period, Kinzanji Miso has a long history. Made from eggplant, ginger, cucurbit, rice, and barley through the fermentation process, it is a type of barley miso with rich mouthfeel and sweet taste. You can enjoy it directly as a snack, or serve it with salad.

Red Miso

It is a type of soybean miso with soybeans and soybean koji as main ingredients. Hatcho miso is variety of red miso originated in the Edo period, and its manufacturing method remains almost unchanged today. Traditional large wooden barrels are used to prepare the miso. Skilled workers place large quantities of stone on top of the wooden barrels so they act as weight and pressure to keep the lids firmly closed. The miso is then left to slowly mature over 2 years. The long fermentation period gives the miso an intense, bold flavour, making it especially ideal for meat dishes.

White Miso

It is a type of rice miso mainly made from soybeans and rice, and has a relatively short fermentation time. With a mildly sweet and less salty taste, you can add it into Japanese-style bonito broth to bring flavour and richness to the broth, or use as seasoning for seafood dishes to bring out the fresh flavour of ingredients.

Additive Free Miso

Made from natural ingredients such as soybeans, rice, and salt, it is a type of rice miso. Free of additives, the original flavour of koji is retained, giving the miso a mild sweetness that goes well with both vegetable and meat dishes.

Café&Meal MUJI Miso Delis

Made with seasonal ingredients and seasoned with miso such as Kinzanji miso, red miso, white miso and additive-free miso Café&Meal MUJI brings you a series of healthy miso delis this autumn.

Eggplant Salad with Kinzanji MisoFresh vegetables such as eggplant, cauliflower and seasoned job's tear tossed with grainy textured Kinzanji miso for a rich mouthfeel.
Stewed Beef Cheek Meat with Tomato Miso SauceTender beef cheek served with fresh vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and cherry tomatoes. Seasoned with Hatcho miso, giving the dish a rich and savoury flavour.
Pan-fried Grouper Fillet with Miso & Vegetable BrothThe soup base is made from bonito broth with added carrots, golden beetroots and mushrooms. The pan-fried fillet flavoured with white miso delivers a mildly sweet and mellow taste.
Pork Soba with Miso SauceJapanese soba with tender pork which is cooked with vegetable puree seasoned with additive-free miso to bring out the original taste of the natural ingredients.