Café&Meal MUJI
Enjoy the natural and healthy in-season flavour

Café&Meal MUJI Telford Plaza is now open, bringing you a wide variety of cold and hot delis, light meal, and dessert made with seasonal ingredients for a well-balanced meal and boosting health. In addition, bakery, hand drip coffee, and takeaway meals are also available, offering healthy and convenient dining choices for busy metropolitans.

Natural & Healthy Summer Menu - Catering to Daily Nutritional Needs

By selecting seasonal ingredients such as cherry tomato, avocado, and bitter melon from Okinawa, twenty hot and cold delis and various light meals are prepared at Café&Meal MUJI every day for you to enjoy a fresh summer flavour. A variety of summer desserts and special drinks are also available to add choices to your meal.

Cold and Hot Delis

Okinawa Bitter Melon & Pineapple Salad (Cold)Use Okinawa bitter melon, pineapple, and cherry tomatoes, mix with the sauce made of Honwakatou, dried hawthorn, and plum to bring a well-balanced sweet and sour flavor. Bitter melon is a perfect vegetable for the summer as it has a high moisture content, which helps to replenish the water lost from high temperature.
Grapefruit & Scallop Salad (Cold) Scallop marinated with Okinawa lime juice and French mustard, mixing with grapefruit and celery, gives a refreshening taste and helps to promote appetite in summer. Grapefruits are rich in vitamin, minerals, and dietary fiber, it helps promote health.
Baked Hakata Chicken Wings with Red Miso (Hot) Tender, juicy baked chicken wings seasoned with red miso and shiokoji to give a deep umami flavour. Chicken is one of the most popular protein-rich foods which helps replenish energy.
Sauteed Summer Vegetables with Shiokoji (Hot)Use seasonal vegetables such as bell pepper, eggplant and cucumber, and marinated with shiokoji. Shiokoji is a natural seasoning and containing lactic acid bacteria, playing a role in improving lactose digestion.

Seasonal Desserts and Drinks

Iyo Mandarin Chiffon CakeLight, soft, and airy chiffon cake topped with Iyo Mandarin, bringing a refreshing fruity aroma.
White Peach & Melon Parfait Made from white peach and melon with mellow Hokkaido milk parfait, it is fresh and fruity, making it a perfect treat for summer.
Ryukyu Mixed Fruit BlackTea Use Ryukyu black tea as the tea base and added with fresh fruits for a refreshing and subtle flavour.
Red Dragon Fruit SmoothieCreamy smoothie blended with red dragon fruit, making a nice choice for summer drinks.

Bakery — Freshly made every day

When preparing dough, our experienced bakers carefully adjust the amount of flour, water, salt, and yeast, and strictly control the fermentation time and temperature, bringing soft texture and natural wheat flavour to our breads. The ingredients used for making the dough are mainly Hokkaido Stone Milled Flour, Ama Salt and added with 3.6 milk, organic soy milk, Shodoshima eggs, and other ingredients for baking into more than sixty types of homemade bread, such as bread loaf and French bread.

Homemade Bread Loaf and French Bread

Both Hokkaido 3.6 Milk Bread Loaf and Spinach & Peach Stone Mill Bread Loaf are made with water roux which can hold more moisture in bread for keeping its soft and fluffy texture over days.
Our Baguette and Cheese Batard are made with dough of more than 75% water ratio. The dough is allowed to rise twice to increase its elasticity for full expansion when baking, bringing a crispy crust, and a moist, chewy and soft interior for the French bread. A popular choice for customers.

Handdrip Coffee—Enjoy the aroma of coffee anytime

To take care of the sustainable development of coffee bean farmers, we select coffee beans directly sourced from coffee bean farmers in Asia, Central America, and Africa. You can enjoy hand drip coffee and espresso beverage delicately prepared by our barista, or purchase coffee beans directly. The coffee beans are fried in Hong Kong and carefully roasted in small quantities each time to preserve the freshness and flavour of the coffee beans.

Takeaway Light Meal - Convenient choice for city dwellers

Based on the concept of healthy diet, we select seasonal ingredients, and use simple seasonings and cooking methods to bring you nutritious meal boxes with vegetarian option. We also provide sandwiches, salads, cakes, yogurt and other light foods, bringing convenient takeaway options.