Café&Meal MUJI
Light Summer Meal
“80% Full Health Concept”

Café&Meal MUJI adopts the Japanese concept of “Hara hachi bun me”, which means that “eat until you are 80% full”, using a variety of seasonal ingredients and simple cooking methods to provide diet which is “just enough”. Summer menu is now available from 21st June, Café&Meal MUJI uses fresh vegetables and fruits to prepare different refreshing delis, light meals, desserts and special drinks, providing nutritional balance, nourishing to the body for an energetic summer. Found DELI Hokkaido continues into summer and presents the Hokkaido's local dishes with natural seasoning.

Light Summer Meal – “80% Full Health Concept”

The concept of “Hara hachi bun me” advises people to eat only until they are approximately 80 percent full. This concept is specially important for metropolitans who are busy with work and often dining out, hence not easy to maintain healthy eating habits. Follow the practice of “Hara hachi bun me” and avoid overeating helps lower calorie intake and ensures balanced diet for maintaining health.

Stepping into summer with the temperature gradually rises, we sweat to regulate body temperature and help body to stay cool during summer heat. However, when we sweat, we also lose protein, minerals such as sodium and potassium; and water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C and B complex vitamins . Deficiencies of any of these may lead to fatigue, poor concentration and loss of appetite. Café&Meal MUJI provides a wide variety of hot and cold dishes made with seasonal ingredients including fish, meat, potatoes, eggs, dairy products, vegetables, seasoned with natural flavors such as balsamic vinegar and yuzu, bring us refreshing and pleasant taste, while also help to supply nutrients for an active summer.


Stem Vegetable Salad in Mango Yogurt DressingMade from mango, scallions and Chinese broccoli and mixed with yogurt and mango, the sauce gives a sweet and fresh taste. Mango and carrot are rich in vitamin C and fiber, help to supplement the nutrients lost with sweat in summer.
Pork Salad with Green Tea Dressing Dressing the fresh and smooth pork with tea sauce mixed with soy sauce, cereal vinegar, sweet and white sesame seeds, the dish is scented with pleasant tea smelling and refreshing taste, which is rich in protein, provide energy for summer.
Watermelon & Scallop Salad with Balsamic DressingScallop marinated with spices and olive oil, mixing with seasonal fruits such as watermelon and carrots, gives a freshening taste and help to promote appetite in summer. Watermelon is rich in vitamin C and low calorie, it also helps to quench your thirst.
Miso Broiled Salmon Salad with Fresh FruitsRoasted salmon served with fresh fruits such as pineapple and orange, and seasoned with miso to give a beefy taste. Salmon is rich in minerals such as protein, calcium, iron and zinc to help supplement the nutrients needed for summer.


Baked Shrimp & Vegetables with Hokkaido MilkBaked with Hokkaido milk, the shrimp and vegetables absorb the flavours of milk, bringing a creamy and mellow taste. At the same time, it is rich in protein and calcium and is good for health.
Roasted Chicken with Stewed PinneappleRoasted chicken with stewed pineapple which seasoned with Honwakatou, give a refreshing and pleasant taste; pineapple is also high in bromelain, an enzyme that helps break down proteins and aid in digestion. The deli is especially suitable for summer.
Sauteed Bitter Melon & Pork with Red MisoSauteed pork with bitter melon, red pepper and yellow pepper, seasoned with red miso to give a deep umami flavour.
Vegetable CurryUse seasonal vegetables such as Hokkaido pumpkin, carrot and courgette, the sweetness of the vegetables well match with curry and is flavourful. The spicy spices of curry also helps stimulate appetite, brings a refreshing lightness to summer.

Recommended Deli Choices

With more than 15 cold and hot delis available everyday, you may choose according to your preference, energy and nutrients needs and enjoy a nutritionally balanced diet.

Deli choices recommendation from Café&Meal MUJI :

3 Deli Set Choice of 2 Cold Delis & 1 Hot Deli
Including Daily Soup & choice of White Rice /
16 Grain Rice / Daily Bread

Stem Vegetable Salad in Mango Yogurt Dressing
Asparagus Omelette with Tamarind Dressing

Baked Mackerel with Yuzu Sauce

3 delis are both served with the appetising sauce and providing rich nutritions such as amino acid, protein and vitamins. This lightweight deli set is suitable for the office lady who would like to keep a good fit body.
4 Deli Set Choice of 2 Cold Delis & 2 Hot Delis
Including Daily Soup & choice of White Rice /
16 Grain Rice / Daily Bread

Pork Salad with Green Tea Dressing
Miso Broiled Salmon Salad with
Fresh Fruits

Baked Shrimp & Vegetables with
Hokkaido Milk
Roasted Chicken with Stewed Pineapple

Meats and fish to provide more protein while fruits and vegetables bring a variety of vitamins and dietary fiber to make a nutritionally balanced delis. Colourful ingridents also helps to increase appetite during the summer. This deli is suitbale for busy working people who would like to have a balanced diet.
5 Deli Set Choice of 3 Cold Delis & 2 Hot Delis
Including Daily Soup & choice of White Rice /
16 Grain Rice / Daily Bread

Watermelon & Scallop Salad with
Balsamic Dressing
Avocado & Job's Tear Salad
Purple Sweet Potato & Green Apple Salad

Fried Chicken with Sweet & Chili Sauce
Sauteed Bitter Melon & Pork with Red Miso

The water and fiber in fruits and vegetables may promote feelings of fullness, while chicken and pork are rice in protein. This deli provides sufficient energy and is suitable for those who need to work outside.

Healthy Summer Diet Tips

We can also make some changes from the following aspects to develop a healthy eating habit while following the practice of “Hara hachi bun me”.

  1. Bland meal with fresh ingredients
    Eat more vegetables or salads but less irritating or oily food. Use fresh ingredients to replace the processed foods and prepare the meal with the simple cooking methods such as boiling, steaming and stewing.
  2. Maintain the principle of “less oil, salt and sugar” and “more vegetables”
    Choose meals which use less seasoning containing high salt or sodium such as MSG, soy sauce, salad dressing or other seasoning sauces. Eat more vegetables for sufficient fiber intake.
  3. Drink more water for improving metabolism
    Not enough water intake may slow down the metabolism. Drink more water and eat water-rich vegetables as a snack to replenish B complex vitamins, minerals.
  4. Replenish vitamin C
    It is recommended to eat more fresh fruits or drink fresh juices to absorb sufficient vitamin C and water and it can help relieve stress and improve your mood.