Use Seasonal Bed Linens for a Better Sleep

A comfortable autumn life starts from bedroom. As autumn arrives, choose seasonal bed linens to regulate room temperature and humidity for a better sleeping environment.

Taking the environment into consideration, MUJI selects organic cotton that is naturally grown in healthy soil free of pesticides and chemical fertilisers for more than 3 years, which has a soft touch and absorbs moisture well. Various weaving methods and finishing processes are applied to fabrics, bringing you different series such as Triple Gauze, Flannel and Organic Cotton Washed Bed Linens. In addition, earthy colours like beige, grey and brown and simple patterns are applied to seasonal bed linens, giving autumnal and natural sentiment to your bedroom. When weather turns cooler, put on a Grey Goose Feather Duvet with good breathability for a warm sleep.

Organic Cotton Triple Gauze Bed Linens

New Triple Gauze Fabric Bed Linens are launched this season as a result of MUJI's continuous improvement on raw materials. Made of 100% organic cotton woven in triple gauze, air is trapped between layers of yarns to bring a fluffy and soft texture. Its high breathability and absorbency allows it to be used year-round.

Organic Cotton Flannel Bed Linens

Made of 100% organic cotton, flannel fabrics are warm and comfortable. It also becomes softer after washing process. Other than bed linens, the material is often used to make shirts, pajamas, seat cushions and slippers for daily enjoyment of its softness.

Organic Cotton Washed Bed Linens

In MUJI’s product development, the choice of materials always lies in its ability to provide comfort. The idea of this series comes from the commonly worn cotton top made of washed fabric, which creates a worn-in comfort upon the first touch and brings an enhanced natural comfort to skin.