MUJI Autumn and Winter Garments
Soft Warm Basic Wear

With meticulous observation from the users’ point of view, MUJI designs simple yet comfortable garments for the autumn and winter. Made of natural materials, they are durable and easy to coordinate. Catering to different weather conditions, they keep you warm and cosy. Start the autumn with flannel garments made of organic cotton, transitioning to warm and snug knitwear when the weather turns cooler. Finally, wrap yourself in a toasty down during the cold winter. A series of effortless daily wear throughout the autumn and winter season.

Soft Flannel

Flannel garments are made of Xinjiang cotton cultivated in an organic way, ensuring the wholesomeness of the cotton fibre, allowing the soft texture to be displayed. Piling makes the garment even warmer. Instead of just a single thread, twin threads are twisted together, letting the garment to be more durable with brighter colours. Shirts, tunics and one-piece dresses make layering more plentiful, creating an autumnal sentiment in basic wear.

Blouse with Half-Length Skirt

A blouse of seasonal colours with warm-toned half-length skirt and dark coloured socks, bringing warmth and comfort.

One Piece Pullover Dress

With a pullover draped dress and socks of the same colour scheme to create a simple and natural look.

Tunic with Denim

Checker tunic with stretchy denim for a slim cut holiday coordination.

Shirts and Denim

Button down shirt that can be worn as a single top with tapered denim. Leisure and comfortable.

Basic Tee with Shirt

Wear a white crew neck tee in a stand collar shirt of another colour for a stylish and seasonal contrast.

Pattern Shirt with Chino Pants

Match your tee and shirt combo with stretch chino pants for a relaxing combination.

Knitwear Gentle on Skin

As one of the basic wear series, our knitwear is made of materials such as Yak Wool, Merino Wool or Wool Silk, their simple cutting and variations on the collar make coordination with other garments an easy task. Coming from 3000 metres above sea level, yak fur has a thickness of 18.5 microns. Combing before knitting makes it even warmer and softer. Wool Silk garments come in winter colours such as green, orange grey, mustard and burgundy. Simply wrap yourself around in a stole or a coat for a snug winter.

Turtleneck Dress with Denim

A loose fitting turtleneck can be worn on its own or with denim pants at cooler temperatures for a relaxing look.

Long Cardigan with Skirt and Boots

Burgundy cardigan with brown skirt and deep coloured socks brings out the winter temperament.

Sweater with Denim

Seasonal grey orange top makes a distinct contrast with denim jeans. Creates a vibrant winter look.

Knitwear with Long Pants

Seasonal coloured tops on denim or dark coloured pants. A pair of comfortable sneakers helps create the total look.

Cardigan with Tee of Single Colour

Long cardigan with white tee for a simple demeanour. Winter coloured pants are a perfect fit for the styling.

Turtleneck with Denim

Tight fit knitwear with skinny jeans creates a natural and simple look.

Warm Down

Fill power is a measure of the loft of a down product that is related to the insulating value of the down. The higher the fill power, the more air a certain weight of the down can trap, and thus the more insulating ability the down will have. This season, our down comes from the Australian Grey Goose with a fill power of 750, allowing the down to trap more air. Pocketable down is easy to carry around and allows you to tend to different weather conditions. Acts as a single coat in the autumn while keeping you warm as an inside garment during the cold winters. Some are designed with fewer stitches to keep out rain or snow. French Wool mix Melton or other coats keep you warm and compact during the wintertime.

Pocketable Down with Patterned Top and Skirt

A single coloured pocketable down with a patterned top and gathered skirt makes layering more interesting. Add on a down coat when the weather turns cold.

Down Coat with Jeans and Boots

A short down coat with dark coloured boy fit denim slims down the figure.

Pocketable Down, Shirt with Long Pants

Formal occasions or at work, this down vest keeps you warm. Simply wrap a coat around when going outdoors.

Long Cardigan, Patterned Top with Long Pants

Collarless coat with long chino pants slims down the figure and allows the person to look taller. Light coloured shoes add variation to the total look.