Inter-season Skincare

As the weather turns cool and dry, keeping skin moisturised becomes crucial. The Mild Cleansing Series offers 10 different items for cleansing and makeup removal to fulfil the needs of different skin types and skincare habits, which revitalises and keeps skin at its natural condition from the beginning to the end of a day.

Formulated with 10 natural ingredients, including arnica which moisturises skin and pomegranate which leaves skin supple and radiant, the Anti-aging Skincare Series also contains functional ingredients like sodium hyaluronate and soluble collagen for a translucent and firm skin.

The Sensitive Skincare Series is suitable for moisturising delicate skin type. With natural ingredients like grapefruit seed and purslane extract defending skin against dryness and seasonal change, as well as functional ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, this series gently cares and restores skin into a healthy condition.

Mild Cleansing

  • Mild Cleansing Oil
  • Cleansing Gel Cream
  • Mild Gel Cleansing
  • Mild Eye Make Up Remover
  • Mild Cleansing Milk
  • Oil Free Liquid Cleansing
  • Mild Cleansing Cream
  • Mild Face Soap
  • Mild Scrub Face Soap
  • Mild Moisture Face Soap
  • Face Cleansing Net for Bubble Foaming
  • Foaming Ball

Anti-aging Skincare

  • Anti-aging Toning Water
  • Anti-aging Toning Water High Moisture
  • Anti-aging Premium Moist Essence Lotion
  • Anti-aging Moisturising Milk
  • Anti-aging Premium Moisturising Cream
  • Anti-aging All-in-One Essence Gel
  • Aging Care Sheet Mask
  • Anti-aging Moisturising Essence
  • Anti-aging All-in-One Body Gel

Sensitive Skincare

  • Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil
  • Sensitive Skin Face Soap Milk
  • Sensitive Skin Face Soap Foam
  • Sensitive Skin Toning Water-Light
  • Sensitive Skin Toning Water-Moisture
  • Sensitive Skin Toning Water-High Moisture
  • Sensitive Skin Toning Water & Moisturising Milk Set-High Moisture
  • Sensitive Skin Moisturising Milk-Light
  • Sensitive Skin Moisturising Milk-Moisture
  • Sensitive Skin Moisturising Milk-High Moisture
  • Sensitive Skin All-in-One Essence
  • Sensitive Skin Moisturising Cream
  • Sensitive Skin Sheet Mask
  • Sensitive Skin All-in-One Body Gel
  • Sensitive Skin Hand Cream
  • Sensitive Skin Body Soap
  • Sensitive Skin Body Milk