MUJI Daily Wear – Flannel
Your Autumn Winter Companion for "Young Casual" and "City Smart" Coordination

MUJI’s daily wear emphasises on the balance between texture, silhouette, functionality and coordination flexibility. As autumn approaches, the Flannel series serves as our first recommendation this season. Available in different styles in earthy tone, the organic cotton made flannel tops with simple design are the wardrobe basics for this season. No matter you are looking for a young casual look or a city smart look, flannel items are helpful in creating outfits for different occasions this autumn and winter.

Autumn Winter Basics – Flannel Wear

MUJI’s Flannel Wear for men and ladies are made of organic cotton grown in Xinjiang, China. Being handpicked by farmers, the damage to cotton fibres are minimised for a soft touch. Both faces of the garment also underwent brushed processing for a warm wearing comfort. Choices in earthy tone including dark mustard, smoky orange, khaki green and dark navy are featured for a seasonal look, which also naturally blends into different outfits. The appropriate thickness of flannel shirts enables coordination in different styles – you can either wear it on its own or as an outer depending on your outfit, be it a young casual look or city smart look.

Young Casual Coordination – #1 Campus Look

The pullover for men’s newly launched this season serves as an easy-to-wear choice for daily coordination among conventional flannel shirts – simply wear it over a grey long sleeves T-shirt for a layering effect. A pair of denim straight pants would complete the look with a well-fitted silhouette.
White, light grey and denim blue are basic and neutral colours that appeal to most ladies. Ladies’ stand collar shirts designed in a loose silhouette with appropriate thickness are suitable for wearing as outer, especially for outfits at leisure time. Wear a border T-shirt inside and wide denim pants as bottoms for a straight body line and a balanced total look.

Young Casual Coordination – #2 Autumn Weekend

Coordination with a top in seasonal colour can bring a different mood to your look. Wear a flannel shirt in dark mustard with a pair of dark green chino pants for an earthy toned seasonal outfit. The mix of flannel and chino also serves as an all-time friendly combination whenever you are unsure about what to wear.
A blouse in smoky orange with a pair of khaki green pants brings a simple and calm casual look. Add one more layer to your outfit simply by wearing a border T-shirt under the blouse and show off a little bit of its hem to elevate your total look.

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City Smart Coordination – #1 Smart Casual for Office Workers

For smart casual outfits with layering, it is important to choose items in a suitable mix of different textures. The combination of white flannel button down shirt, black long coat and slim fit denim pants serves as a sensible choice for business occasions. The look with volume on top and slim bottom also helps flatter overall silhouette and makes you look slimmer.
The layering of flannel shirt and beige border knitwear with shirt cuffs and collar being appropriately shown brings details to the autumn look. Tapered ankle pants in dark beige add a seasonal sense to the outfit, while also showcases the socks to make your legs look longer visually. You may also roll it up a bit for a chic and smart feeling.

City Smart Coordination – #2 Casual Friday

A shirt in dark navy and a pair of dark green pants bring a balanced basic look of autumn. Wear the flannel shirt on its own or as an outer showcasing the t-shirt inside, with its cuffs appropriately shown for adding details to your outfit. For casual Fridays, change from loafers to sneakers for an approachable look.
The skirt’s A-line silhouette makes it easy to coordinate as a basic item for this season. Simply tuck your flannel shirt inside the skirt for a flattered silhouette. To tone up the look, wrap a cardigan in light beige on your shoulder for a casual feeling. A pair of black flats will make the total look more feminine.

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