Natural Materials
The Reason for Feeling Good at Home in
Spring and Summer

The coming of spring marks the start of a new year. Bring the fresh breeze of spring to your home by selecting household items with delicate texture and a mellow finish.

To welcome this new season, MUJI is presenting a variety of items made of natural materials, such as home fabrics, personal care and organic tea. Sit back and enjoy a refreshing spring at a cosy living space.

Bringing the Best of Materials

Room temperature and humidity can determine sleeping quality. With the change of season, create a pleasant sleeping environment by choosing the right fabrics for bedroom. MUJI’s home fabrics are made of natural materials such as organic cotton and linen and weaved with a variety of techniques. The cool and breathable materials can give you a good night’s sleep. A wide range of cotton and linen slippers and cushion covers are also available. Enjoy every moment at home with the extra comfort that natural material brings.

Everyday Bedroom Fabrics

Cotton is soft, moisture-wicking, breathable and can withstand repeated washings. Linen dries quickly and can release body heat, as well as durable and stays in shape. Both are ideal for producing fabrics for this season.

With these, different weaving methods can be used for making bedroom fabrics for spring and summer. The texture of natural materials, together with mild colours such as white, beige, charcoal and light blue, brings your bedroom to life.

Season of Spring

As spring comes, temperature and humidity rise up. Choose bedroom fabrics with high breathability. Our latest bedroom fabrics are weaved from organic cotton which is gentle to skin and easy to wash.

Triple Gauze SeriesMade of 100% cotton and comprised of 3 layers, the fabric traps air in-between layers and gives a soft touch. Helps you to stay cool in spring and summer and keeps you warm in autumn and winter. Suitable for all year round and can be used as blanket during summer.
Organic Cotton SeriesMade of 100% cotton, this series is prewashed and gives a soft texture like your daily clothing. Stays soft after repeated washings and suitable for seasons which require frequent change of bed sheets. Also available as sets comprised of pillow cover, bed sheet and duvet cover.
Organic Cotton Seersucker SeriesWeaved using 100% cotton with a soft finish. Features a crinkled texture that prevents friction on skin, keeping you cool.
(Available in late April)

Season of Summer

The cool and dry feature of linen can prevent stickiness on skin due to sweat and moisture. Enjoy sweet dream every night under different weather conditions. Textured bedroom fabric prevents friction on skin and keeps you cool. A common material used for summer fabrics.

Linen Cotton Grid Seersucker WeaveComprised of 55% linen and 45% cotton, the fabric features a textured pattern like checks. A mixture of the coolness of linen and softness of cotton. Suitable for summer use.
Linen Plain WeaveMade of 100% linen and with excellent absorbency and heat dissipation. Prewashed to bring out the unique texture of linen cloth and gets softer as time passes.

Everyday Home Fabrics

Seasonal fabrics gives you joy when coming home or spending the weekend with friends and family. Change into seasonal cushion covers and wear slippers which can bring the feeling of spring to home.

The cushion cover made of cotton and linen features a unique texture of natural materials and can be matched with different living environment easily. The slippers made of the same material can create a sense of harmony. Choose from natural, undyed igusa sandals that will make you feel pleasant, just like walking on tatami.

Cushion Cover

Organic Cotton Handwoven SeriesMade of organic Indian cotton and woven by hand. Soft and comfy with a touch of natural cotton texture.
Washed Linen SeriesPrewashed with a natural linen finish. Easy to dry after washing.
Organic Cotton Denim SeriesMade of organic cotton denim. It’s flexible just as your jeans.


Linen Soft Slippers Made of linen with excellent breathability and elasticity, these slippers are cool and comfortable. The lightweight design allows easy folding. It can be cleaned at home easily.
Indian Cotton Room Sandals Open ToeWith reference to the traditions in India, the cotton threads are braided into ropes and then sewn into sandals. Each pair is made by an Indian craftsman.
Igusa Sandals The color of the grass changes as time passes, showcasing the uniqueness of natural material. The highly breathable and cool texture makes it perfect to wear during summer.
(Available in late April)

Natural Bodycare for Seasonal Change

Choosing the right personal care items can minimize skin problems caused by seasonal changes and keep your skin in healthy condition. Using natural ingredients may reduce irritation while providing moisture to skin. MUJI uses natural water from deep caves in Japan, with 4 skincare series targeting different skin types.

Hair and body care items are available in each series, pampering your skin from head to toe.

Daily Hair and Body Care

Uses plant-based soap, with different natural plant extracts and moisturizing ingredients. Free from fragrance, silicon, pigment and mineral oil.
(Available in early April)

Sensitive Care SeriesContains moisturizing components including Lipidure® and Hyaluronic acid. Keeps your hair and scalp healthy.
Clear Care SeriesIncludes 4 different natural moisturizing fruit extracts such as grape and kiwi, which helps to restore hair and scalp.
Herbal Care SeriesIncludes 8 different Japanese organic plant extracts as well as hyaluronic acid. Suitable for damaged hair.
Anti-aging SeriesInludes 10 kinds of natural hair care ingredients such as pomegranate, raspberry and rose, together with 5 kinds of moisturizing ingredients, which can help repair the dryness or damage caused by hair dyeing.

Bathing and Hair Care

Scalp Care BrushThe elastic bristles gently massage the scalp and can promote blood circulation.
Cotton / Linen Body TowelMade of 100% natural material, wipe which can thoroughly cleanse the skin.
Stretchy Bath SpongeElastic design that can be stretched from both sides for cleaning the back of your body.
(Available in early March)
PET Pump BottleNewly launched grey and black colour.
(Available in mid-April)

A Taste of Spring

Having cleaned your home, take a sip of organic tea and relax. MUJI offers 20 kinds of organic blends and you can always find the flavor you like. The triangular design of tea bag helps bring out the original aroma.

Organic Tea Bags

Blends formulated from a variety of organic plants and exudes a natural floral aroma. Caffeine-free Tea Bags are also available, which is perfect for a relaxing drink before bed.


Can withstand higher temperature than ordinary glass utensils and can be placed in a microwave. The maximum loading temperature is 90 degrees, suitable for brewing hot tea.

Heatproof Glass Pot
Heatproof Glass Cup
Heatproof Glass Cup / Heatproof Glass Saucer