MUJI 文具生活

Stationery is essential for our daily life, assists us to handle different kind of tasks from studying to working.
Although technology is being used in daily life, there are some jobs that cannot be completed without the stationery. Various kinds of stationery and household items are available in different materials and styles, you can simply mix and match in your own way and create an efficient and comfortable lifestyle.



From pen shaft to refill, MUJI treats seriously every detail in the design of a pen. Pen shafts fitting your hand shape keep you comfortable for long time usage. Replaceable pen refills with a large range of colour write smoothly and clearly when making notes or drawing.


Notebooks of different sizes are made of planted wood paper or recycled paper. Flat and smooth surface enables you to write fluently with ease. Various design of inner pages match different purposes. They can be used as diary, schedule or sketch book according to your preference.


Files made of different materials can be applied to different functions. Semi-transparent PP files provide ease for reading. They are also resistent to water and stain. Recycled paper files can be used for keeping important or confidential documents.


Functional desktop accessories are convenient and applicable to different tasks. They facilitate your work efficiency. Simple design fits in any style. Being light, portable and easy for storage, they are helpful tools in your everyday life.


Desktop storage items are of different materials. They have standard dimensions that make them stackable and can be arranged neatly. Organize your paperwork, stationery and small pieces efficiently to create a well-organized and comfortable working space.


With colourful pencils and sketchbooks made of recycled paper, children can demonstrate their creativity and imagination.For adults, having fun with colours while drawing or painting is also a good way to relieve pressure.