IDÉE, Life in Art.
Inspired by animals and nature, your blessings could be passed forward through various forms.

Adding the festive joy through the exploration of life and blending the fun of arts to our daily life, it is how IDÉE products deliver. Decorating your home with the loving animal figurines from the renowned Swedish artist LISA LARSON, or the peaceful bird-designed accessories from Japanese artists, putting aside with the cozy Xmas decorations and wooden made accessories, may your home be filled with the natural warmth during the Christmas time.


Themed with birds and flowers, the natural streamline of BIRDS' WORDS carries a message that "Birds are playing music relaxingly and their words could reach your hearts through the presentation of every single art piece". The peaceful image of the pottery products and paper works help deliver your blessings with a harmonious touch.

  • BIRDS' WORDS Bird Tray

  • BIRDS' WORDS Birds Tile Brooch

  • BIRDS' WORDS Flower Tile Brooch

  • BIRDS' WORDS Flower Mini Hair Band

  • BIRDS' WORDS Hair Band

  • BIRDS' WORDS Art Poster - Wreath


The loving expressions are sculpted on different animals as your home displays, such as lion, bullterrier, cat, pony and seal. The simple and pure outlook brings you a smile. Designer Lisa Larson loves to observe the surroundings and create art pieces full of fun, which bring happiness to the people around. During the Xmas time, let’s select these animal figurines to your loved ones, as to deliver your warmest regards and create a lively home environment.

  • LISA LARSON Bullterrier Figurine

  • LISA LARSON Pony Figurine

  • LISA LARSON Lion Figurine

  • LISA LARSON Cat Figurine

  • LISA LARSON Seal Figurine

Warmth from the Uniqueness

To share the joy and select the gifts by understanding the favourite of the loved ones, the household items with unique designs could be the options. Let’s decorate and celebrate with your family and friends during the festive time.

  • Mini Xmas Wreath/ Xmas Wreath

  • Mini Xmas Tree/ Ball

  • HŰBSCH Christmas Ball

  • Cotton Relief Towel

  • Lille og Stor Leather Box/ Basket

  • Leather Spangles Smile Baboosh

  • RASOX Wool Blended Jacquard Socks


  • Lithuania Traditional Pattern Coaster - Daisies/ Forest

  • Wooden Accessory Stand

  • Wooden Accessory Stand with Tray