Home Décor

Create a joyful atmosphere for Christmas while prepare for the new year at the same time. MUJI features a wide range of furniture in simple and practical designs, which provide the freedom of mix and match according to different home environment and living style. It lets you organize home space neatly to enjoy comfortable living.

From 20th to 30th November 2017, MUJI presents Home Décor promotion for Christmas to provide more inspiration for home decoration. Customers can enjoy 10% off for a single spending of HK$ 2,000 or above and 15% off for a single spending of HK$ 5,000 or above on selected furniture of MUJI and Tokyo interior brand IDÉE during the promotion period. The offer applies to regular and special priced items, providing privileges for home decoration for the joy of Christmas.

Combine a Living Room

Living room is a place for family gathering. Choose the furniture that can be combined according to different needs, which saves spaces while provides flexibility and convenient home living. Unit sofa can be combined as multi-seat or single-seat living room sofa for different functions, providing more comfortable home space to enjoy Christmas holidays.

  • Unit Sofa With Armrest

  • Unit Sofa

  • Unit Sofa Ottoman

  • Unit Sofa Cushion

A Simple and Natural Dining Room

With limited living space of modern home environment, the oak wood living dining furniture is designed with the concept of integrating living and dining room. With a height of 60cm, the Oak Wood Living Dining Table helps maximize home space while dining. The Oak Wood Living Dining Chair can be used as single seat or combined to multiple seats according to home space.

For the dining room with more space available, choose oak wood dining table to create a rustic and comfortable environment. Oak wood provides delicate touch and sense of warmth, which textures change according to the time of use. It provides the dining room with natural atmosphere for the Christmas.


  • Oak Wood Living Dining Table

  • Oak Wood Living Dining Chair

  • 2 Seats Oak Wood Living Dining Bench

  • Single Seat Oak Wood Living Dining Bench

  • Oak Wood Table

  • Bamboo Chair

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf Wide 3 Layers

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Set Oak Wood

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Set Walnut Wood

  • Rattan Square Basket with Handle

  • Oak Wood Table Bench

  • Acacia Salad Bowl

Comfortable Sleeping Environment

Get some rest after Christmas activities. Bed frames with mattresses and pillows in different materials provide various hardness options for different sleeping styles. Wooden storage bed designed with hidden storage concept that enhances the neatness of bedroom while uses the storage space under the bed effectively. Use with Storage Bed Additional Unit, providing different storage ideas to store small items or books neatly. With other MUJI household items such as Aroma Diffuser or Wall Mounted CD Player, it creates a simple and cozy environment for sleeping.

  • Oak Wood Bed Frame

  • Headboard for Oak Wood Storage Bed

  • Walnut Wood Storage Bed

  • Headboard for Walnut Wood Storage Bed

  • Walnut Wood Underbed Drawer

  • Natural Materials Mattress

  • Essential Oil

  • Aroma Diffuser

  • Cuckoo Clock

  • Wall Mounted CD Player

  • Warm Fibre Moisture Absorbent Thick Blanket

  • Blank Globe

The Freedom to Setup Gathering Space

Enjoy the freedom to setup gathering space anytime during Christmas holidays. The Oak Wood Foldable Table can be folded up for storage. It provides a wide space of 120cm or 160cm that is ideal for placing Christmas delicacies for sharing. With Polypropylene Stackable Stools, it allows you to add extra seatings for a party while they are stackable, which saves storage space. Create a leisure chatting time with friends and family with comfortable beads sofa and decorate home with MUJI household items in simple design. Enjoy the pleasant and natural living environment.

  • Oak Wood Foldable Table

  • Polypropylene Stackable Stool

  • Beads Sofa

  • Electric Kettle

  • Wall Mounted CD Player

  • Wall Clock

Personalized Working Space

Enjoy the fun of reading and craft making with friends and family during Christmas holidays. The Oak Wood Foldable Table, Polypropylene Stackable Stool and Steel Chair with Resin Seat let you extend working space anytime while it saves storage space when not in use. The Wooden Stacking Shelfs and Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Set provide different assemble options according to home design, together with the storage items in different materials, providing a more personalize working environment.

  • Oak Wood Foldable Table

  • Polypropylene Stackable Stool

  • Steel Chair with Resin Seat

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Set

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf Wide 3 Layers

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Set Oak Wood

  • Stainless Steel Unit Shelf Set Walnut Wood

  • Stainless Steel Wire Basket with Handle

  • White Porcelain Mug Cup

  • PP Clothes Drawer

  • PP Carry Box With Lock

  • Cardboard Storage Box

Home Storage Ideas

Effective storage methods provide an organized living style. Select suitable and universal storage items to improve living space and comfortability while enhances home neatness at the same time. Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Unit Shelfs designed with the consideration of sizes and assemble methods, which is ideal for using as home partition or placing in small area with a variety options of storage.

Wooden stacking shelfs can be assembled as a single unit, or as a combination using assembles parts according to personal needs such as for audio system storage or a combination of shelf with desk. Use the storage items in uniform sizes with Wooden Stacking Shelfs or Stainless Steel Unit Shelfs to create a personalized comfortable living space.

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf 2 Layers

  • Wooden Stacking Shelf Wide 3 Layers

  • Oak Wood AV Rack

  • Oak Wood AV Rack

  • Oak Wood Cabinet Wooden Door

  • Oak Wood Cabinet Sliding Doors

IDÉE Original Furniture

IDÉE is an interior brand originated in Tokyo with “Life is about everyday” as the brand concept. It provides furniture and daily necessities in original design with functionality that demonstrates personal taste. Among them, the DIMANCHE Leather Sofa and Low Table are designed by a Belgium famous young designer Marina Bautier. It is made of durable white oak wood featuring unique details in simple design through the use of straight and round lines combination.

The DE-FOE Square Low Table features simple and neat lines. Drawers are designed on opposite sides of the table with wide space on top, which adds beauty to home space. Select CONTOUR TV Cabinet that designed with blank space between two drawers, which integrates the sense of thickness and lightweight flawlessly. Personal home items such as magazines and decorations can be placed in the middle spaces, which demonstrate unique style.

  • DIMANCHE Leather Sofa

  • DIMANCHE Low Table

  • DE-FOE Square Low Table

  • CONTOUR TV Cabinet

Create a better living with MUJI Interior Advisory Service

MUJI Interior Advisory Service offers recommendations on MUJI furniture and storage for a space-efficient home. Let’s create a relaxing living environment with the aesthetics of simplicity.