Learning is a lifelong process. From student era to becoming a member of the society, we are learning different skills. Stationery is our must-have learning partner.

The basis of MUJI's product development stems from the necessary form of things. The same goes for stationery, which through meticulous observation and thorough understanding of our customer's real needs, MUJI allows stationery to go back to the basics and brings their potential into full play.

MUJI's stationery is the fruit of learning throughout life.

Whether its taking notes in class, gathering up documents in daily work or simply making agenda for household chores, stationery is your necessary partner. MUJI stationery is designed based on the ideology that everyone can freely mold them into different solutions for one’s own unique daily problems regardless of your age, occupation or identity.

A current DSE candidate, major in Economics and Geography. Enjoy interacting with people, actively participate in volunteering work and keen to serve the community. Her goal is to become a nurse in the future.

From secondary One, MUJI Stationery has been her companion for 6 years throughout her secondary school life.

To Yoyo who needs to take public exams for Geography, she especially likes the Acrylic Ruler that is simple and ingenious. "With the gridlines, I can easily measure the length as well as the area by using the Acrylic Ruler which helps a lot during exams." Yoyo also likes MUJI note books with grid or line variations for uses in different subjects. The Colorful Hexagonal Waterbased Twins Pen creates a palette of colors in her notebooks, bringing hues and tints into her school life.

A mother of 2 children. Studied in Japan, and worked for Japanese related job for years. Combined Japan and Hong Kong way of parenting, a strong advocate of children learning and growing in a pleasant, independent environment.

To encourage her children to express their creativity, Kinki always applauds when they draw interesting thoughts on paper. She especially likes Color pencils from MUJI as they are "easy to take out and put back, which builds up the concept of organising in kids."

Besides drawing, Kinki also loves to DIY with her children. MUJI's recycling paper and glue become necessities in doing so. "The square recycling paper comes in 27 colors and their sizes are just right for doing handiwork."

MUJI's meticulous product design appeals to her the most as they can encourage children to learn on their own. She's a strong advocate in learning and interacting regularly with one's children.

Kecoj Pun
The Creative Director of TOOLSS
The Founder and the Creative Director of TOOLSS, a big fan of stationery. He loves hanging around stationery and coffee shops when travelling all over the world.

Due to infrequent use and danger, Scissors aren't something we always hear about being portable. Kecoj, however, appreciates MUJI's portable Scissors as "it's so slim and fits snugly into its own cap like a pen, making it a great item to bring on-the-go while minimizing the insecurity of the tool itself." The simple and chic design makes it even more appealing.

Kecoj also likes MUJI's portable stapler. Traditional stapler is just too heavy and bulky. "MUJI's stapler has changed my perspective on the item. It can staple up to 10 pieces of paper."

Kecoj is a self-described perfectionist who just can't stand any damage to corners of books. However, depreciation is inevitable with daily use. MUJI's specially designed PE case provides suitable protection to books and abrasions are minimized. All of this stems from Kecoj's relentless love and care to books and stationery.