Washable Lightweight Mattress

The core is made of polyethylene with a well-structured mesh design, while the cover is made of cotton. It provides stable support for the body even when one tosses and turns throughout the night.

The Washable Lightweight Mattress is about two-thirds of the weight of a Pocket Spring Mattress. The mattress can be easily maintained and washed. The main body can be shower-washed, and the cover can be put in a washing machine.

*Not compatible with Pocket Coil Mattress with Bed Frame

Designed in response to users' needs

Weight of the mattress and the absorption of sweat at night are some problems that numerous face while changing mattresses.

In response to users' need for a better sleep, MUJI is now launching the new Washable Lightweight Mattress.

1) Provides a supple firmness, allowing you to roll around with ease.

The core is made of polyethylene with a well-structured mesh design, providing supple support and good resilience.

Changing postures during the night allows blood circulation and helps to adjust the temperature and moist of the mattress, providing you with a good night's sleep.

2) Enhanced hygiene with the washable design.

Human body releases approximately three cups of sweat during sleep, and the mattresses can get stained easily by sweat and dust mite.

The cover of the mattress can be washed by washing machine, while the main body can be washed by shower. Washing immediately keeps the mattress clean and hygienic.

3) Foldable into 3 layers for daily maintainence.

Can be placed vertically and spread out as shown in the picture, allowing air to circulate within the mattress. This can keep the mattress dry and hence increase durability.