Daily Goods

To celebrate the coming of New Year, MUJI brings you a range of selected Daily Goods at a discounted price.

Promotion Period:From Today until 24 Feb 2019

Selected Light Australian Down Pocketable Vest / Blouson / Coat

Original Price:HK$350 - HK$680
New Life Special:20% OFF

Selected Men's & Ladies' Knitwear

Original Price:HK$220 - HK$680
New Life Special:40% OFF

Men's & Ladies' Long-sleeved Pajamas

Original Price:HK$280 - HK$350
New Life Special:20% OFF

Leather Wallet

Original Price:HK$250 - HK$750
New Life Special:30% OFF

Children's Organic Cotton Long-sleeved Pajama

Original Price :HK$220 - HK$280
New Life Special:20% OFF

Children's Australian Down Vest / Blouson

Original Price:HK$350 - HK$480
New Life Special:HK$280 - HK$300

IDÉE Relief Towel

Original Price:HK$45 - HK$300
New Life Special:30% OFF


Original Price:HK$198 - HK$1280
New Life Special:30% OFF

Acrylic Blend Blanket (Single/Double)

Original Price :HK$680 - HK$880
New Life Special:20% OFF

OGC Washed Cotton Bedding Pack

Original Price:HK$385 - HK$1120
New Life Special:HK$250 - HK$780

Interior Fragrance Oil Set

Original Price :HK$138 - HK$295
New Life Special:20% OFF for 2 pcs or above

Organic Care Series

Original Price :HK$55 - HK$250
New Life Special:20% OFF