Your Cosmetics
Continuously Improving

With the theme of "Looking Natural and Healthy", the color tone improvement in MUJI's base makeup and makeup items helps bring out the natural demeanor.

Our latest base makeup items gives a radiant and rosy glow to your face. Choose from a range of eye shadow shades for a perfect finish.

With the new Makeup Palette, you can put together base makeup, cheek color and eye shadow in one case, creating a personalized Makeup Palette.

Contains natural moisturising ingredients including Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil and Chamomile Flower Extract, in addition to the hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Na, helping your skin to retain moisture.

■Fragrance free ■Mineral oil free ■ Alcohol free ■UV absorbent free
(Except UV Lip Color)

Newly Launched Makeup Palette

Create Your Own Makeup Palette

Put your base makeup, cheek color and eye shadow into one case.
The Makeup Palette comes in three sizes (Large, Medium and Small) for different combinations.


UV Powder Foundation

A combination of Moist and UV Foundation for a smoother texture, leaving your skin refined and illuminated. The oil control feature gives a more long lasting finish.

Can be used together with different tones of Cream UV Foundation or Liquid UV Foundation.

Loose Powder

UV Lucent Powder

Helps to blend the foundation with the skin, creating a smooth look with a translucent finish.

UV Lucent Powder - Pearl Natural and Gold Natural. Pattern changed from marble to stripes for easy blending, creating a cushiony base that melds seamlessly with every skin tone, customizing your glow.

UV Lucent Powder - Natural. Texture and color tone remain unchanged.

Lucent Powder

Finer pearl powder helps create a retouched, subtle luminosity.

The container is changed from round to square and can be placed in Makeup Palettes. The texture and color tone remain changed.

Cheek Color

Single Cheek Color

We used Single Cheek Color and Mixed Cheek Color to replace the original marble cheek color.

Gently apply on skin for a natural skin tone.

*Not interchangeable with the previous Eye Shadow Case.

Tri-colour Blush

3 shades to be combined together for a mature and natural flush. Able to be combined with darker or lighter shades for a more contouring effect.

Create a radiant look with the highlighter with newly improved colours that helps to brighten your skin.

*Not interchangeable with the previous Eye Shadow Case.

Lip & Cheek Color

Can be used as both Cheek Color and Lipstick. The natural color is long lasting, which can level up the entire look.

The texture and color tone remain unchanged, with new Pink Beige color available.

All Cheek Color and Highlighter can be placed into the the Makeup Palette.

Eye Shadow

4-Color Eye Shadow

From the previous 8-Color Eye Shadow to this 4-Color Shadow with brown as main. Texture improved to float effortlessly over the eye.

*Not interchangeable with the previous Eye Shadow Case.

Steps for Applying 2-Color Eye Shadow

Compared to the essential Brown-toned 4-Color Eye Shadow, the 2-Color Eye Shadow makes your look sharper.

Lighter shades of eye shadow can be applied to half of the eyelid and keep blending. Darker shades can be used at the lower rim or at the corner of the eye.

*Not interchangeable with the previous Eye Shadow Case.

Eye Shadow

Can be used alone or in combination with other eye makeup items to create a better color gradation and variations.

*Not interchangeable with the previous Eye Shadow Case.


UV Lip Color

New colors available for Lipstick and Lip Gloss, bringing variation to your everyday look. Silky texture leaves your lips sheer and glossy.