Herbal Care

Provide moisture to dehydrated and irritated skin. Keeping skin soft and supple.
Enjoy daily skincare routine with a refreshing aroma.

  • Fresh Moisturising Properties from Plants

    Helps hydrate and bring a glow to prone-to-dry skin with 8 different organic plant extracts and aloe vera.

    - No aritificial fragrance, colour, mineral oil or paraben
    - Mildly acidic

  • 8 Organic Plant Extracts

    Infused with 8 organic plant extracts such as Lavender that helps refine skin and chamomile that hydrates, herbal care helps to maintain dewy soft skin.
    Moisturising Properties
    - Lipidure (Polyquaternium-51)
    - Sodium Hyaluronate

  • Natural Plants from the Foot of Mount FUJI

    Herbal care consists of natural plant extracts from herb gardens of Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Key ingredients from 6 natural plants such as Lavender and chamomile in combination with other moisturising factors make up the skin care series.

  • Organic Farming

    30 years of no pesticides and organically grown in well-drained volcanic soil, herbs are cultivated in an environment as close to nature as possible.

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①During busy mornings or when you just want a simple treat for your skin

②During nights or when you want to have in-depth care for your skin

Herbal Face Care