#MUJIStorageChallenge Instagram Giveaway Game

  • Keep your living and working space tidy with MUJI storage items to make your daily life simple and pleasant.
  • Take small steps to enjoy a pleasant life by decluttering and organizing things starting from a corner of your living space and share your storage inspirations on Instagram with the hashtag #MUJIStorageChallenge. Share your inspirations and get a chance to win MUJI coupon.
  • 1. Take picture of the storage arrangement at your living or working space using MUJI's six designated storage series below
  • 2. Follow MUJI Hong Kong on Instagram (@muji_hongkong)
  • 3. Upload the photos and your sharing on how you make use of MUJI storage items to organize. Add hashtag #MUJIStorageChallenge to the post. (Set as public account to allow MUJI to obtain the message shared).
  • 4. Tag 3 friends
  • MUJI shall select 5 winners based on the inspiration, completeness and creativity of the content. Winners will be announced on MUJI Hong Kong Instagram official account on 16th August 2019 and will be notified by Instagram Direct Message. Each winner will receive MUJI coupon with net worth of $1000.

Game Period: 12 July to 11 August 2019

#MUJIStorageChallenge Instagram Giveaway Game Terms and Conditions:

  1. #MUJIStorageChallenge Instagram Giveaway Game ("Program") is organized by MUJI (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“MUJI”). Participants holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card (“Participants”) are eligible to enroll in the Program.
  2. The Program starts from 12th July 2019 00:00:00 (GMT+8) to 11th August 2019 23:59:59 (GMT+8), both days inclusive (“Promotion Period”).
  3. Participants must go through the following steps within the Program Period:
    • Take picture of the storage arrangement at your living space using MUJI's six designated storage series (Acrylic, PP, PE, Cotton Linen Polyester, ABS and MDF Storage)
    • Follow MUJI Hong Kong on Instagram (@muji_hongkong)
    • Upload the photos and your sharing on how you make use of MUJI storage items to organize. Add hashtag #MUJIStorageChallenge to the post. (Set as public account to allow MUJI to obtain the message shared)
    • Tag 3 friends
  4. Participants shall maintain the said post and following our account as required until the date of winner announcement (16th August 2019, Friday), or upon completion of the prize redemption (applicable for winners).
  5. There is no restriction on the number of time that each Instagram account can participate in this Program during the Program Period but each Instagram account is eligible for a maximum of one prize in this Program.
  6. MUJI shall select 5 winners based on creativity and usage of storage item as well as product presentation, each will receive MUJI coupon with net worth of $1000. MUJI shall have no liability for any entry containing plagiarism or copy content, encouraging violence, containing any profane language, indecent contents or malicious comments. Such entry shall be disqualified without prior notice.
  7. The list of winners will be announced on MUJI Hong Kong Instagram Account on 16th August 2019 (Friday) and each winner will be notified by Instagram Direct Messaging. Each winner shall provide his or her Instagram account name, the name as shown on his or her HKID card and email address as instructed in the said direct message for identity verification during prize redemption. MUJI will also send an official notice and the details of the gift redemption to the winner's email address.
  8. Winners shall redeem the prizes in person at such place and period designated by MUJI by presenting their valid HKID card and e-mail notification. Failure to do so will result in disqualification to prize redemption. The winner who cannot redeem the prize at such designated time will be deemed as forfeiture of the prize and MUJI reserves the right to handle the prize at its sole discretion.
  9. If any winner has provided any incomplete, incorrect and false personal information causing MUJI unable to contact the winner or verify his/her identity, his/her qualification to the prize will be cancelled and no replacement of this winner will be considered.
  10. By participating in this Program, it shall be deemed that the participants have read carefully, understood, and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. MUJI reserves its right to revise the details, mechanism and rules of the Program as well as these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. In the event of dispute, the decision of MUJI shall be final.
  11. The prizes given in the Program are not redeemable for cash, or returnable, exchangeable or amendable for any changes, nor transferrable or resalable to any other person. No return or change will be made for any redeemed prize.
  12. Personal information collected will be used for this Program only, and processed according to our privacy policy. For details, please click here.
  13. Participants understand and agree that MUJI has the right to edit, report, use and publish any contents regarding this Program including the gift winner's name, activity highlights, photos, video clips and any other related information, without prior consent of the participants and/or paying any payment or compensation to the participants. The copyright of the said photos and video clips belongs to MUJI.
  14. All record regarding the Program (including but not limited to photo uploading time and time to follow the specific account) shall be determined according to our computer server and record. All matters regarding the Program and our judgment on the Program shall be final and binding on all parties concerned. In the event of dispute, the decision of MUJI shall be final.
  15. If any data submitted by the participants or winning notification is lost, inaccurate, un-differentiable or damaged caused by any computer, network, telephone or technical issue which is not attributed to the default of MUJI, MUJI shall not have any liability and the participant cannot object.
  16. If any person fails to participate in the Program caused by hardware or software of individual computer or mobile device, MUJI shall not have any liability.
  17. For the costs of the mobile data usage arising from the Program, MUJI shall not have any liability.
  18. MUJI reserves the right to, without prior notice, disqualify any participant who has used fake accounts, provided fake and/or duplicate personal information, hacked into or amended any computer programs by any means or participate this Program in dishonest way. The participant will be liable for all responsibilities and consequences arising therefrom.
  19. Employees and family members of MUJI and production company are not be eligible to participate in this Program.
  20. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and condition, Chinese version shall prevail.
  21. For enquiries, please call 3973 8336.

On Achieving "Compact Life"

The MUJI vision of the Compact Life means achieving a simple, pleasant life that embodies the personality of the individual with versatile products designed to provide just what is necessary.

There are four stages to achieve a "Compact Life" :

STAGE 1 Think about your possessions

Keep only what is truly necessary

Evaluate Take pictures and look for necessary items
Sort Keep only things that sparks joy in you

STAGE 2 Think about the way of storage

Plan storage space, ways of organization and items to be stored based on your living habits

Layout Gather items in one place to create open space
Stay flexible Choose storage that allows flexibility in size and usage
Organize Put an end to messy, imbalanced and disorganized way of life

STAGE 3 Think about how to organize and store items

Consider the usage of each items and organize one by one

Arrange Organize items by category, shape, usage and frequency
Store Store by frequency and usage, and label them

STAGE 4 Think about enriching your life

Keep only the essentials and enjoy the comfort brought by a neat space

Compact Life Organize life with storage units which are multifunctional and with unified design, achieving compact life which can unleash your personality

Storage Demonstration

Acrylic Storage The transparency of acrylic storage allows you to identify the contents immediately. Stack them up the way you like and organize small items such as stationeries, accessories and decorations, allowing more desktop space.
PP StorageCooking utensils often vary in heights and shapes. Use PP Stand File Box to store them at designated place so you can retrieve these items at ease.

PP Stand File Boxes are smooth and easy to clean, suitable for using at kitchen. Available in three widths to cater cabinets of different size.

PE StoragePE storage are soft and can withstand cold and water, making it convenient for daily cleaning. The round corners are children-friendly, perfect for placing at children's room. A great tool for your child to pick up the habit of organizing.
Cotton Linen Polyester StorageMade of cotton linen with a coated interior lining, enhancing durability and making daily cleaning easier.

Available in 10 sizes, they can be used in wardrobes for storing accessories that cannot be hanged, such as hats and socks. Use them together with Polypropylene Partition Case for easy storage.

More storage Inspirations

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