“Roots of Tradition” Daily Wear

Embodying the sensibility, wisdom and lifestyles of the East, MUJI incorporates traditional raw material and handicrafts in product development, creates contemporary daily wear and aspires to pass on the quintessence of the cultures and connect people with locales. Referencing from cultures of Japan, India and Thailand, the series features items including outers, stoles and tote bags for your versatile daily coordination.

Japanese Traditional Culture - Festive Ceremony
Inspired by Traditional Costume Celebrations and festivals, representing Japanese culture, are held in different parts of Japan and connect people with local communities. Daily wear inspired by the costumes worn in these festivals are born. Indigo dying technique is used and the colour of the garment changes with daily wearing, bringing a sense of frolic into the series.
Japanese Traditional Wear - Hakama Pants
The Japanese Courtesy in Apparel Design Hakama pants are traditionally a costume worn by official ceremony participants or workers in Japan. The loose and straight silhouette allows easy movement and brings an awe-inspiring look.
Japanese Traditional Craftsmanship - Kameda Weave
A Sturdy Weave Inpired by Farmers Kameda Weave comes from Kameda region of Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Working in farmlands surrounded by rivers, farmers there wear outers to refrain from river water and mud stains on clothing, which later became the Kameda Weave Hanten today with unique patterns and sturdy texture.
Indian Traditional Craftsmanship - Handwoven Textile
Passed Down through Generations in India India has been renowned for handwoven textile throughout its history and local craftmen are equipped with skillful techniques. An artistry passed on from generations, India's handwoven textile has its unique natural handfeel.
Indian Traditional Craftsmanship - Handwoven Textile
Simple and Comfortable Stoles handwoven by craftsmen from West Bengal, India. The large-sized stoles are useful for different daily scenes with its simple design and smooth touch.
Thai Traditional Wear - Wide Pants
Inspired by Fishermen Wear It is common for fishermen in West Thailand to wear drawstring wide pants when fishing on a boat. With a loose silhouette, it is also suitable for wearing on sunny and humid days.