Selected Living & Dining Offers

In the end of year, get prepared to entertain your friends by refurnishing your living and dining room. From now till 29th December 2019, enjoy selected living & dining offers covering furniture, home fabrics, dining accessories and IDÉE items at MUJI stores.

Interior Advisory Service Promotion

From now till 29th December 2019, customers are entitled to extra 10% discount upon any single net spending of HK$5000 or above on Furniture, Fabrics, Electronics or IDÉE Items at designated MUJI stores via Interior Advisory Service while stock lasts. For details, please contact our store staff.

Interior Advisory Service Promotion Terms and Conditions:

  1. This offer is applicable to MUJI Lee Theatre, Pacific Place, Cityplaza, Harbour City, Olympian City, Metroplaza and New Town Plaza III (open on 3rd December) only.
  2. IDÉE items are available at MUJI Lee Theatre, Pacific Place, Cityplaza and Harbour City only.
  3. This offer is applicable to both regular and special priced items, except display sale items.
  4. This offer is applicable to transactions under the same receipt only.
  5. This offer is available for customers with valid same-day receipt only.
  6. This offer is non-refundable or non-exchangeable.
  7. This offer cannot be redeemed for cash or used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.
  8. This offer is not applicable for payment of all service charges, such as charges for assembly, delivery, alteration, maintenance and parts replacement, plastic bag and paper bag charges or purchase of MUJI Gift Coupons.
  9. Purchase of the above items must be made via Interior Advisory Service during the above promotion period in order to enjoy the offer.
  10. Customers may visit for booking Interior Advisory Service, or obtain appointment form at MUJI stores.
  11. Limited reservations available daily, and reservation one week in advance is recommended.
  12. For details, please contact our store staff.
  13. In case of any disputes, the decision of MUJI (Hong Kong) Company Limited shall be final.

Living & Dining Furniture

Oak Wood / Walnut Wood Living Dining Furniture Original Price: HK$250 – HK$4800
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$200 – HK$3840)
Unit Sofa / Cover for Unit Sofa Original Price: HK$250 - HK$3500
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$200 - HK$2800)
Leather / Urethane Foam Pocket Coil / Feather Pocket Coil Sofa Original Price: HK$980 – HK$13800
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$784 – HK$11040)
Wooden Stacking Cabinet Original Price: HK$300 – HK$7800
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$240 – HK$6240)
Wooden Low Table / Side Table Original Price: HK$900 – HK$3000
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$720 – HK$2400)
Wooden Dining Table / Chair Original Price: HK$980 - HK$8800
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$784 - HK$7040)

Home Fabrics

Polyester / Polyester Crimp Tile Carpet Original Price: HK$128
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$103)
Polyester / Linen Cotton Loop Pile Rug Original Price: HK$150 - HK$1800
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$120 - HK$1440)
Organic Cotton Seat Cushion Original Price: HK$350 - HK$750
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$280 - HK$600)
Washed Cotton Quilted Rug Original Price: HK$110
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$88)
Polyester Washable / Cotton Blended / Feather Cushion Original Price: HK$50 - HK$150
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$40 - HK$120)
Cushion Cover Original Price: HK$50 - HK$280
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$40 - HK$224)

Dining Accessories

Indian Cotton Handwoven Coaster / Placemat Original Price: HK$10 – HK$30
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$8 – HK$24)
Cotton Mesh Storage Bag Original Price: HK$55 – HK$65
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$44 – HK$52)
Storage Jar Original Price: HK$45 – HK$70
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$36 – HK$56)
PP Food Storage Container Original Price: HK$25 – HK$55
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$20 – HK$44)
Enamel Oven Tray Original Price: HK$120 – HK$145
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$96 – HK$116)
Acacia Tableware Original Price: HK$35 – HK$450
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$28 – HK$360)

IDÉE Items

DIMANCHE Leather Sofa / Low Table Original Price: HK$6800 – HK$32800
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$5440 – HK$26240)
MINI PUUF / PUUF Beads Sofa Original Price: HK$1100 – HK$1680
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$880 – HK$1344)
Burkina Basket Original Price: HK$158 – HK$398
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$127 – HK$319)
POOL White Porcelain Tableware Original Price: HK$45 – HK$350
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$880 – HK$1344)
BIRDS' WORDS Patterned Cup Original Price: HK$258
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$207)
BIRDS' WORDS Art Poster Original Price: HK$360 – HK$560
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$288 – HK$448)

*IDÉE items are available at MUJI Lee Theatre, Pacific Place, Cityplaza and Harbour City.