Delightful choices with sugar below 10g Light Confectionery

A new eating habit starts with small adjustments.

Our health is directly related to the food we consume, but to follow a strict diet management can be difficult. What if we start with small adjustments by becoming more conscious on food intake for improving our diet?

Originated from this idea, the new "Light Confectionery Series" is now launched. Starting by reducing the sugar content of snacks, everyone can try to build a more balanced and healthy eating habit.

About Sugar

Carbohydrates, protein and fat are the 3 major nutrients for the body. Sugar, being one of the components of carbohydrates, serves as the source of energy.

Sugar Intake Estimation

Daily Intake of Sugar

Sugar Content of Common Food Items

  • Rice
    Approx. 55g
  • Bread
    Approx. 30g
  • Chinese Noodles
    Approx. 70g
  • Chocolate
    Approx. 30g
  • Donut
    Approx. 35g
  • Cookies
    Approx. 25g

In average, our daily intake of sugar is approximately 300g.

Light Confectionery

Rich variation and flavours

Each pack of "Light Confectionery" contains less than 10g of sugar, allowing you to control sugar intake while enjoying delightful refreshment with varied choices from cakes, cookies and chocolates.


Adjusted recipe for maintaining tastiness

Made with soy flour with reduced use of wheat flour for a lower sugar content, the recipe is adjusted to keep the rich texture of cake. Available in a wide selection from doughnut, muffin, pound cake to soy bar for you to enjoy a rich mouthfeel without compromising tastiness.


A series of baked crunchy snacks

Other than using soy flour to lower sugar content, different ingredients such as cheese, sesame and caramel are added into the dough, bringing rich flavour to the cookies with a crunchy and crispy texture.


Enjoy the original taste of ingredients

Using less sugar to give a mild sweetness, while adding diced almond and shredded coconut for a rich taste with enhanced fiber content.


The natural flavour of ingredients

By reducing the use of sugar, it allows the natural flavour of meat and vegetables to stand out. Enjoy the original taste and mouthfeel of natural ingredients.