Healthy Living Special Offers

From today until 14 June, enjoy different special offers on selected apparel, household and personal care items to build your new habits for a healthy life.

Apparel, Bags and Accessories

Men’s / Ladies’ MUJI WALKER Apparel

Original Price: HK$125 – HK$420
Special Price: 30% off on 2pcs or above (HK$88 – HK$294 each)

Men’s / Ladies’ Water Repellent Jackets

Original Price: HK$580 – HK$880
Special Price: 30% off (HK$406 – HK$616)

Men’s / Ladies’ Shock Absorbing Sneakers

Original Price: HK$250 – HK$420
Special Price: 30% off on 2pcs or above (HK$175 – HK$294 each)

Water Repellent Shoulder Bag / Mini Shoulder Bag

Original Price: HK$85 – HK$100
Special Price: 10% off (HK$68 – HK$80)

Paraglider Cloth Foldable Tote Bag

Original Price: HK$280 – HK$350
Special Price: 30% off (HK$196 – HK$245)

Water Repellent Hat

Original Price: HK$180 – HK$280
Special Price: 30% off (HK$126 – HK$196)

Men's / Ladies' Organic Cotton Mix French Terry Apparel

Original Price: HK$100 – HK$280
Special Price: 30% off (HK$70 – HK$196)

Selected Sandals

Original Price: HK$58 – HK$100
Special Price: 10% off (HK$53 – HK$90)

Ladies’ Silk Mix Tank Top / Camisole / French Sleeves T-shirt

Original Price: HK$128
Special Price: 20% off (HK$103)

Household Items

Bed Pad

Original Price: HK$300 – HK$2280
Special Price: HK$250 – HK$850


Original Price: HK$120 – HK$590
Special Price: 20% off (HK$96 – HK$472)

Mat / Rug

Original Price: HK$75 – HK$3800
Special Price: 30% off (HK$53 – HK$2660)

Low Noise USB Desk Fan

Original Price: HK$180 – HK$250
Special Price: 20% off (HK$144 – HK$200)

Wall Mounted CD Player

Original Price: HK$1380
Special Price: 10% off (HK$1242)

Iron Frying Pan

Original Price: HK$350 – HK$400
Special Price: 10% off (HK$315 – HK$360)

Acrylic Storage

Original Price: HK$8 – $350
Special Price: 10% off (HK$8 – HK$315)

Wooden MDF Storage

Original Price: HK$120 – $250
Special Price: 10% off (HK$108 – HK$225)

ABS Storage

Original Price: HK$15 – $135
Special Price: 10% off (HK$14 – HK$122)

Personal Care

Sensitive Skin Face Care

Original Price: HK$10 – HK$220
Special Price: 20% off on 2 pcs or above (HK$8 – HK$176 each)

Oral Care

Original Price: HK$8 – HK$98
Special Price: 10% off on 2 pcs or above (HK$8 – HK$89)

Hanging Pouch

Original Price: HK$88 – HK$128
Special Price: HK$58