Summer Living Special Offers

From today until 16th August, enjoy different special offers on selected apparel, household and personal care items for a cool summer life.

Apparel, Bags and Accessories

Men's / Ladies' Linen Wear

Original Price: HK$250 – HK$780
Special Price: 40% off (HK$150 – HK$468)

Men's Organic Cotton Polo Shirt

Original Price: HK$165 – HK$250
Special Price: 30% off on 2pcs or above (HK$116 – HK$175 each)

Selected Men's / Ladies' Organic Cotton Shorts

Original Price: HK$150
Special Price: 20% off on 2pcs or above (HK$120 each)

Selected Ladies' Organic Cotton Tank Top / Camisole

Original Price: HK$80
Special Price: 20% off on 2pcs or above (HK$64)

Adjustable Raffia Hat

Original Price: HK$380 – HK$450
Special Price: 40% off (HK$228 – HK$270)

Selected Sandals

Original Price: HK$58 – HK$100
Special Price: 20% off (HK$47 – HK$80)

Household Items

Unit Shelf Set

Original Price: HK$500 – HK$3000
Special Price: 10% off (HK$450 – HK$2700)

Selected Thin Duvet with Storage Bag

Original Price: HK$630 – HK$850
Special Price: HK$498 – HK$598

Selected Cotton Blend Pile Hand Towels

Original Price: HK$30 – HK$40
Special Price: 10% off (HK$27 – HK$36)

Low Noise USB Desk Fan

Original Price: HK$180 – HK$250
Special Price: 20% off (HK$144 – HK$200)

Selected Glass Tableware

Original Price: HK$12 – HK$160
Special Price: 10% off (HK$11 – HK$144)

Acacia Tableware

Original Price: HK$28 – HK$360
Special Price: 10% off (HK$26 – HK$324)

Personal Care

Clear Care Face Care

Original Price: HK$30 – HK$180
Special Price: 20% off (HK$24 – HK$144)

Selected Hair Care

Original Price: HK$28 – HK$95
Special Price: 20% off on 2pcs or above (HK$23 – HK$76 each)

Selected Bath Tools

Original Price: HK$8 – HK$98
Special Price: 20% off on 2pcs or above (HK$7 – HK$79 each)