New Life Specials

From now until 16th February 2020, selected offers consisting of storage units, cleaning tools, home fabrics, personal care items, food, and travel items are available at MUJI stores. Get prepared for a new life in this year.

Storage Units

PP Storage

Original Price: HK$18 – HK$690
Special Offer: 10% off (HK$17 – HK$621

Soft PE Storage

Original Price: HK$15 – HK$95
Special Offer: 10% off (HK$14 – HK$86)

Canvas Storage

Original Price: HK$90– HK$220
Special Offer: 10% off (HK$81 – HK$198)

Wooden Stacking Shelf

Original Price: HK$800 – HK$2800
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$640 – HK$2240)

Wooden Stacking Cabinet

Original Price: HK$180 – HK$7800
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$144 – HK$6240)

Stainless Steel Storage

Original Price: HK$160 – HK$420
Special Offer: 10% off (HK$144 – HK$378)


Cleaning Items

Original Price: HK$10 – HK$145
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$8 – HK$116)

Spot Cleaning Items

Original Price: HK$8 - HK$9
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$7 - HK$8)

Laundry Items

Original Price: HK$13 – HK$580
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$11 – HK$464)


Original Price: HK$15 – HK$140
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$12 – HK$112)

Shoe Care Items

Original Price: HK$25 - HK$200
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$20 - HK$160)

Dust Bin

Original Price: HK$35 – HK$320
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$28 – HK$256)

Home Fabrics

Bed Linen

Original Price: HK$65 - HK$1090
Special Offer: 30% off (HK$46 - HK$763)

Down Duvet

Original Price: HK$980 - HK$4880
Special Offer: 30% off (HK$686 - HK$3416)


Original Price: HK$100 - HK$880
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$80 - HK$704)


Original Price: HK$120 – HK$590
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$96 - HK$472)

Cushion & Cover

Original Price: HK$50 – HK$280
Special Offer: 40% off (HK$30 – HK$168)

Selected Carpet / Rug

Original Price: HK$128 – HK$3800
Special Offer: 40% off (HK$77 – HK$2280)

Tableware & Food


Original Price: HK$280 - HK$360
Special Offer: 30% off (HK$196 - HK$252)

Iga Ware

Original Price: HK$55
Special Offer: 30% off (HK$39)

Selected Household Appliance

Original Price: HK$220 – HK$3580
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$176 – HK$2864)

Selected Rice Kit

Original Price: HK$32 – HK$45
Special Offer: 20% off / 2 pcs or above


Original Price: HK$10 – HK$100
Special Offer: 10% off / 2 pcs or above

Tea Bag

Original Price: HK$35
Special Offer: 20% off / 2 pcs or above

Personal Care Items

Sensitive Skin Face Care

Original Price: HK$10 – HK$220
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$8 – HK$176)

Herbal Face Care

Original Price: HK$55 – HK$250
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$44 – HK$200)

Anti-aging Face Care

Original Price: HK$40 – HK$220
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$32 – HK$176)

Clear Face Care

Original Price: HK$30 – HK$180
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$24 – HK$144)

Mild Cleansing

Original Price: HK$25 – HK$120
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$20 – HK$96)

Make-up Items

Original Price: HK$30 – HK$120
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$24 – HK$96)

Travel Items

Foldable Soft Carry Bag

Original Price: HK$780 – HK$1380
Special Offer: 30% off (HK$546 – HK$966)

Multi-Purpose Neck Cushion / Curved Fitting Neck Cushion / Roll Up Neck Pillow

Original Price: HK$150 – HK$280
Special Offer: 20% off (HK$120 – HK$224)

Travelling Case

Original Price: HK$38 – HK$135
Special Offer: 30% off (HK$27 – HK$95)

Hanging Pouch / Passport Case

Original Price: HK$45 – HK$160
Special Offer: 30% off (HK$32 – HK$112)