Suitcases with Continuous Improvement

Available in 2 types, including the improved Hard Carry Suitcase with lighter weight and increased storage capacity, and the foldable Soft Carry Suitable for easy storage when not in use, tailored for different usage needs.

Hard Carry Suitcase with Stopper

For travel and daily use

The refined Hard Carry Suitcase is more lightweight with increased storage capacity while keeping size unchanged, bringing convenience to your travel and daily use.

  • Improved Material

    Made from 100% lightweight yet durable polycarbonate, with case thickness adjusted and unnecessary components removed, the refined Hard Carry Suitcase is now 10% lighter than the previous model while having additional 1L storage capacity in each size.

  • Improved Stopper

    The structure of stopper has been improved to allow fixing the castor direction, bringing a better user experience.

Available in 5 sizes

*For reference only. Carry-on baggage size and weight limit may vary by airline. Please contact your airline should you need assistance.

Choose a Suitcase Based on Luggage Quantity

When you are not sure which suitcase size is right for you, you may take the gusset case (available in S, M and L size) usage examples below as reference.

  • Using the right hand side of the suitcase as the main storage space
  • Using Paraglider Cloth Gusset Cases for storage inside suitcase

Usage references of each suitcase size

Gusset Case Storage Capacity for Reference

S Long Sleeves Shirt x 1 & Short Sleeves Shirt x 2
M Long Sleeves Shirt x 2, Short Sleeves Shirt x 4 & Cotton Chino Pants x 1
L Long Sleeves Shirt x 3, Short Sleeves Shirt x 4 & Cotton Chino Pants x 2
※Storage capacity depends on the actual size of clothing

Sizes suitable for travelling overseas

Details improved to better cater travelling needs

  • Double Fastener Design

    Changed to double fastener with enhanced security level for a trip with ease.

  • Double Castor Design

    The double castors which made from highly sound-absorbent materials help to reduce noise when moving.

Sizes suitable for leisure or business trips

Functions for everyday convenience

  • Refined Stopper

    Simply press the button to fix the castors in place to avoid rolling around. The improved stopper now allows fixing castor direction as well.

  • Lighter Weight & Increased Durability

    The improvement includes parts reduction with adjusted size and shape, while keeping the same durability for more lightweight and easier to move.

Colours and sizes suitable for children's use

20L for daily use

  • Choose your kid's favourite colour

    Available in creamy colours such as Light Yellow and Light Blue for easy coordination with daily outfit.

  • Suitable for children's use

    Allows handle adjustment at every 1cm to fit into different heights. (Model height: 150cm)

Foldable Soft Carry Suitcase

Simply fold into half when not in use

XL size for long haul trips.