Get Prepared for the New Year

Featuring a comprehensive product assortment consisting of apparel, household items, and food, MUJI caters the daily needs and supports a pleasant life in the year ahead. From now to 14th February, special offers on selected items are available for your new year preparation.


Welcome the new year with a refreshed and rejuvenated look. MUJI wear is mainly made of natural materials and features a simple design emphasizing comfort and versatility. Select your favourite pieces for everyday styling.

Men’s / Ladies’ Wool Mix Knitwear

Original Price:HK$225 – HK$650
Special Price:40% OFF (HK$135 – HK$390)

Made of merino wool blended with silk or yak wool for soft touch and warmth. Available in crew neck, V neck, and turtle neck styles for versatile daily styling.

Men's / Ladies’ Organic Cotton Flannel Long Sleeves Shirt

Original Price:HK$180 – HK$195
Special Price:HK$108

Knitted with two fine twisted yarns, both sides have undergone brushed processing for a fluffy, comfortable touch. Suitable for working or causal styling.

Men's / Ladies’ Organic Cotton Long Sleeves T-Shirt

Original Price:HK$85 – HK$180
Special Price:2pcs or above 20% OFF (HK$68 – HK$144 / pc)

Made of cotton to give a soft touch to the skin. Available in various knitting styles and thickness for easy daily styling.

Men's / Ladies’ Light Weight Pocketable Collarless Vest / Jacket

Original Price:HK$280 / HK$420
Special Price:HK$180 / HK$280

Made of Australian Down with 750 fill power, it is lightweight and warm, and can be worn as outer or inner.

Unisex Organic Cotton Mix French Terry Wear

Original Price:HK$225 – HK$250
Special Price:HK$150 – HK$180

Made of cotton mix materials and knitted firmly to give a soft touch and moderate elasticity. Features a loose silhouette for enhanced comfort.

Unisex Organic Cotton Long Sleeves Shirt

Original Price:HK$250 – HK$450
Special Price:HK$150 – HK$250

It is structured for a crisp, clean look, so you can either wear it on its own or as an outer. Features snap fasteners for easy use.

Men's / Ladies’ Stretch Brushed Pants

Original Price:HK$350 – HK$380
Special Price:HK$200

Made of stretch fabric and has undergone brushing process for enhanced comfort.

Ladies' ONE SIZE series

Original Price:HK$180 – HK$580
Special Price:20% OFF (HK$144 – HK$464)

Features a loose silhouette to fit all sizes, regardless of age and body shape.

Reclaimed Cashmere Blend Large Stole

Original Price:HK$380
Special Price:HK$200

Made with leftover cashmere materials during garment production. Air can be trapped between fabric layers, giving a warm and fluffy touch.

Organic Cotton Flannel Side Seamless Long Sleeves Pajamas

Original Price:HK$358
Special Price:HK$198

The fabric surface has undergone a brushing process to bring warmth and comfortable touch. Side seams and labels are removed to minimize skin irritation for a good night’s sleep.

Organic Cotton Water Repellent Comfortable Sneakers

Original Price:HK$195

The insoles are designed to fit the contours of your feet and provide extra support to the foot arches so you will feel less tired when walking. The water repellent finish of shoe body helps to prevent water stains.

Right Angle Socks

Original Price:HK$25

Made in the shape of a right angle, the socks fit your feet naturally and don’t bunch around your heels or slip off easily.

Household Items

Wash and change home fabrics to maintain home hygiene for a refreshed mood. Reserve time to re-organise your home by using suitable storage items to keep daily necessities and scattered items neatly so more space can be freed up for daily activities and easier daily cleaning for a pleasant living environment.

Down Duvet

Original Price:HK$780 – HK$3280
Special Price:20% OFF (HK$624 – HK$2624)

Made of the down from free range grey duck while keeping the duvet airy. Can be used on its own or together with a blanket for enhanced warmth.

Warm Fibre Thick Blanket

Original Price:HK$380 / HK$480
Special Price:20% OFF (HK$304 / HK$384 / pc)

Woven from plant fibres derived from eucalyptus trees, the fabric is good at moisture absorption, breathable, and warm, bringing you a comfortable sleep.

Selected Towel Set

Original Price:HK$35 – HK$220
Special Price:10% OFF (HK$32 – HK$198)

Soft to the touch and available in different thicknesses to suit different usage needs.

Selected Slippers

Original Price:HK$38 – HK$98
Special Price:2pcs or above 20% OFF (HK$31 – HK$79 / pc)

Made with soft material to wrap your feet comfortably. While the new year is gathering season, keep spare pairs of slippers for visiting guests.

Cotton Rug

Original Price:HK$380 – HK$1880
Special Price:20% OFF (HK$304 – HK$1504)

Knitted firmly with yarns for sturdiness. Good at water absorption, it can be used for a long time.

PP Makeup Box

Original Price:HK$10 – HK$35
Special Price:2pcs or above 10% OFF (HK$9 – HK$32 / pc)

Can be used individually, stacked or in combination with other storage units to help keep makeup and tools, as well as different household items in a neat and organised way.

PP Storage

Original Price:HK$18 – HK$580

Translucent PP materials allow users to distinguish the items inside at one glance. Available in an array selection of sizes and designs.

Soft PE Storage

Original Price:HK$20 – HK$95

Made from lightweight, soft polyethylene material, the storage units are water and oil resistant and suitable for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Also good at resisting low temperatures, you can use them for food storage in the refrigerator.

Rattan Storage

Original Price:HK$70 – HK$280

Woven by hand meticulously, it is light, soft and smooth in texture. Stackable when used with lid and available in style with handles for easy carriage.

Aluminium Hanger

Original Price:HK$22 – HK$280
Special Price:2pcs or above 10% OFF (HK$20 – HK$252 / pc)

Made with lightweight, thin aluminium material, it is space-saving and especially suitable for hanging multiple number of clothes. The tip of the hook is rounded for enhanced safety during use.

PP Hangers

Original Price:HK$18 – HK$48
Special Price:2pcs or above 10% OFF (HK$17 – HK$44 / pc)

Designed with a diagonal slot that allows you to hang your clothe from the neck without stretching its rib. It is especially suitable for T shirts or clothes with smaller necklines

Wooden Hanger

Original Price:HK$75 – HK$135
Special Price:2pcs or above 10% OFF (HK$68 – HK$122 / pc)

Made of natural wood, the width of the hanger is carefully designed so the collar and shoulder of your clothe can be kept in its original shape. Ideal for keeping seasonal items such as coat and jacket.

High Quality Paper Monthly Weekly Planner

Original Price: HK$38 – HK$78
Special Price: 20% off (HK$31 – HK$63)

Made of high-quality papers for smooth writing. Available in A5 and B6 size for portability so you can plan your work or study schedule at any time.


Seize the new year holiday to meet up with your loved ones at home. Prepare a variety of snacks like chocolates, cakes, candies, chips and biscuits to delight each visiting guest for a delectable gathering time.

Chocolate Coated Strawberry

Original Price:HK$26 – HK$80

Freeze-dried strawberry coated with chocolate to deliver a mellow and sweet flavour.


Original Price:HK$10 / HK$25

Available in more than ten flavours such as banana, matcha and coffee. Enjoy it directly or bake it to serve as a dessert.

High Protein Bites and Chips

Original Price:HK$12 / HK$20

Each packet contains 15g to 17g of soy or wheat protein. With a crispy mouthfeel, they are a healthy choice of party snacks.

Garlic Sauce Flavoured Potato Chips

Original Price:HK$28

Made from potatoes grown in France and seasoned with garlic for a rich flavour.


Original Price:HK$10 / HK$15

Filled with sweet jelly, the marshmallow is packed individually for easy consumption.

Frozen Food – Japanese Dessert

Original Price:HK$38

Available in Kusadango, Ohagi and Kinako Ohagi, etc. Enjoy these delicious traditional Japanese flavours simply by defrosting.

Organic Tea Bag

Original Price:HK$35

Made with organic ingredients for various blends such as Ginger & Lemongrass and Apple. Serve your friends with their favorite tea for a warm gathering.

Instant Drinks

Original Price:HK$32 / HK$35

Added with spices for a rich flavour. Simply add hot water or mix with milk, and your drink will be ready to savour and enjoy in minutes.

Herbs Vegetable and Fruit Juice

Original Price:HK$32 / HK$35

Added with herbs for a refreshing salad-like taste and free of artificial flavourings and colourings to bring you the natural flavours of vegetables and fruits. Available in four flavours.

Festive Items and Ordering Service

Café&Meal MUJI
Chinese New Year Catering Order

A delicate range of selected hot and cold delis, snacks and dessert platter prepared with seasonal ingredients is now available at Café&Meal MUJI for you to enjoy the natural and healthy flavours and create precious memories together with family, friends, or colleagues in holiday gatherings.

Enjoy 10% off on self-pickup takeaway orders with net spending of HK$1,000 or above.

Ordering period: Now until 13th February

Food Market
Festive Delights

Food Market searches for the necessary ingredients in everyday diet from local, Japan, and worldwide from the viewpoints of MUJI to bring a wide range of safe, delicious and healthy options to your dining table. A wide variety of snacks and beverages are available until 20th February at Food Market for your easy preparation of holiday gatherings.

New Year Japanese Food Gift Set (Special Price HK$568) is also available at MUJI Telford Plaza and Festival Walk.

The Gift Set includes:
Mentaiko Cheese Cracker 9pcs x1 ‧ Sea Urchin Cheese Squid Ink Shrimp Cracker 9pcs ‧ Sensyuan Shrimp Crackers With Sakura Shrimp 7pcs x1 ‧ Sensyuan Shrimp Crackers With Wasabi 7pcs x1 ‧ Shingen Grilled Scallop 5 pcs x1 ‧ Shingen Conch Snacks 6 pcs x1 ‧ Inoue Foods Pepper Onion Cheese 52g x1 ‧ Inoue Foods Salami Smoked Cheese 52g x1 ‧ Hinanoya Caramel Rice Puff 50g x1 ‧ Hinanoya Iyokan Rice Puff 50g x1 ‧ Suteki na Red Grapefruit Wine 720ml x1

Free Gift Box Packaging for Fresh Fruits

From now to 3rd February, customers are entitled to complimentary gift box packaging service upon any single purchase of fresh fruits of HK$500 or above at MUJI Telford Plaza while stock lasts.

Terms and Conditions: This offer is applicable to payment at cashier counters only.This offer is applicable to transactions under the same receipt only.This offer is available for customers with valid same-day receipt only.No delivery service is available for New Year Customised Fruit Gift Set and self-pickup shall be on the same day of purchase.Due to size limitation of packaging gift boxes, the packing service is applicable to selected fruits only.This offer cannot be redeemed for cash or used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.Selection of packaging gift box is not available for this offer.Fruits and used packaging gift boxes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.For promotion details, please contact our store staff.In case of any disputes, the decision of MUJI (Hong Kong) Company Limited shall be final.