Selected Apparel and Houseware items Offers
Welcome the New Year with you

New Year is the time to reunite. Every family is busy preparing for the new year. MUJI offers a wide range of clothing, lifestyle products and food items to help you welcome the New Year with a new look. From now until February 12, you can also enjoy storage and cleaning product discounts to help you organize your home easily.


MUJI's clothing is woven with natural materials and designed for simplicity and comfort. Dress in new clothes and welcome the New Year with a fresh look.

Men’s / Ladies’ Lightweight Pocketable Down Vest / Jacket

Original Price : $250 – $380
Special Price : $188 - $288

Made from nylon fabric recycled from the thread scraps left over from manufacturing processes. The down has a 750FP for warmth and an appropriate thickness for wearing as an inner or outer layer. The pocketable design allows it to be folded without a pouch for easy carrying.

Ladies’ Yak Blend Wool Ribbed Sweater

Original Price : $350 – $450
Special Price : $228 - $288

Made of blending yak material originating from the cold plateau and merino wool, warm sweater with a naturally uneven touch. Available in Crew and turtleneck style for versatile daily styling.

Men’s / Ladies’ Organic Cotton Jersey Crew Neck Long Sleeves T-Shirt

Original Price : $85 – $125
Special Price : $58 – $98

Made with a special design around the neckline, the fabric is moderately thick and thin for wearing comfortably.

Men’s / Ladies’ Organic Cotton Mix French Terry Pullover Hoodie

Original Price : $280 – $320

Made of densely woven cotton-mixed materials with moderate elasticity for enhanced comfort.

Men’s / Ladies’ Organic Cotton Flannel Wear

Original Price : $150 – $350
Special Price : $98 - $188

With both sides underwent brushing process, the fabric brings fluffy comfort to the body. The entire collection offers a wide range of seasonal colors and patterns, making flannel wear essential for winter.

Men’s / Ladies’ Organic Cotton Stretch Denim

Original Price : $250 – $280
Special Price : $228 (16th Jan – 14th Feb)

Made from 4-way stretchable fabric for enhanced wearing comfort. Available in different fits.

Men’s / Ladies’ Organic Cotton Double Gauze Side Seamless Long Sleeves Pajamas

Original Price : $280
Special Price : $228

Made of two layers of cotton yarn, envelop the air between the two layers of cotton yarn, making it softer to wear. Side seams removed, with a soft texture. Made with organic cotton.

Men’s / Ladies’ Organic Cotton Water Repellent Comfortable Sneakers

Original Price : $195
Special Price : $158

The insoles are designed to fit the contours of your feet and provide extra support to the foot arches so you will feel less tired when walking. The water-repellent finish of shoe body helps to prevent water stains on rainy days.

Household Items

Organize your home with the storage items to bring a tidy and fresh look to your home.

Washed Cotton Bed Linen (Pillow Case / Fitted Sheet / Cover)

Original Price : $35 – $320

Woven with organic cotton with washed process to keep the suppleness even after repeated washing. Durable and suitable for frequent washing to keep good personal hygiene. Available in 8 color for choosing.

Warm Fibre Thick Blanket

Original Price : $280 – $380

Woven from plant fibres derived from eucalyptus trees, the fabric is good at moisture absorption, breathable and warm, bringing you a comfortable sleep.

Soft Mutli Oval Cushion

Original Price : $200

Made with a comfortable and soft infill, the cushion shape has been carefully designed to support the body. It can be used horizontally as a lumbar support cushion or vertically as a backrest.

Cotton Pile Bath Towel

Original Price : $88

Made of cotton with long fibers, soft and comfortable. With moderate thickness that provides high water-absorbency. Suitable for daily use.

Warm Fibre Quilted Rug

Original Price : $380 – $650

Made of micro-fibre material and giving a fluffy texture. Place it at the living room, it provides a warm and comfortable feeling.

Carpet Cleaner

Original Price : $32 – $35

It is self-standing with the attached storage box, and can be retracted from both sides of the storage box. The attached roller tape is designed with cutting lines and easy to tear off. Suitable for cleaning your home in welcoming New Year.

PP Storage

Original Price : $65 – $480

Translucent PP materials allow users to distinguish the items inside at one glance. Available in an array selection of sizes and designs.

Soft PE Storage

Original Price : $20 – $95

Made from lightweight, soft polyethylene material, the storage units are water and oil resistant and suitable for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Also good at resisting low temperatures, you can use them for food storage in the refrigerator.

Rattan Storage

Original Price : $70 – $280

Woven by hand meticulously, it is light, soft and smooth in texture. Stackable when used with lid and available in style with handles for easy carriage.

Aluminium Hanger

Original Price : $22 – $350

Made with lightweight, thin aluminium material, it is space-saving and especially suitable for hanging multiple number of clothes. The tip of the hook is rounded for enhanced safety during use.

Wooden Hanger

Original Price : $120 – $135

Made of natural wood, the width of the hanger is carefully designed so the collar and shoulder of your clothe can be kept in its original shape. Ideal for keeping seasonal items such as coat and jacket.

Dust Bin

Original Price : $28 – $120

The dust bin is quadrilateral so it can fit in a corner perfectly. It is suitable for tidying the sundries in the home to welcome the new year with a new atmosphere.


Enjoy a happy time with your loved ones at home during the New Year holidays, sharing chocolates, cakes, candies and biscuits together to enjoy the time.

Cacao Truffle

Original Price : $32
Special Price : 20% off ($26)

Smooth, meltingly soft chocolate made with a mix of crushed nuts or dried fruits. Available in four flavours including pistachio, raspberry macaron, orange peel and salted caramel, bringing sweet treats to gatherings.

Assorted Sandwich Biscuit

Original Price : $28
Special Price : 10% off ($26)

With vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and lemon flavored whipped cream sandwiches in the bag, perfect for sharing during gathering time.

“Pochi Gashi” small pack snack

Original Price : $10 – $12
Special Price : 10% off ($9 – $11)

With variety of flavor, each packed in littl sizes, suitable to bring alone for travel or presenting as gift to the loved one.

Tea Bag

Original Price : $32 – $35
Special Price : 10% off ($29 – $32)

With different flavours of tea bags, you can always find your own favourite blend. Available in non-caffeine flavour, suitable for drinking before sleep.

Instant Drinks

Original Price : $35
Special Price : 10% off ($32)

With variety of flavours, including instant Matcha Latte and instant Ginger Cocoa etc. Enjoy it together with your friends and family with warmth.

Chocolate Strawberry

Original Price : $26 – $38

Freeze-dried strawberries are wrapped in chocolate, and the sweet and sour taste of the dried fruit and the sweetness of the chocolate is well balanced. Available in various flavours including Rum Chocolate Strawberry, White Chocolate Strawberry, and Chocolate Strawberry.

Acacia Tableware

Original Price : $28 - $360

Use acacia tableware to serve New Year's cakes, gather to enjoy the New Year atmosphere.

PP Food Storage Container

Original Price : $25 - $48

Put the leftover dishes from the New Year's Eve reunion into different size of PP food storage box. Simply take them out of the refrigerator the next day to serve as lunchboxes.

Heatproof Glass Pot

Original Price : $135

The glass pot is made of heat resistant glass with a removable strainer. The lid is resinous which is difficult to break. Suitable to use at tea gathering with friends.